ROTG Part 7 To the Tooth Palace

Dude. I want to drive that sleigh. Enough said.

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50 Replies

  1. Lisa Crabtree-Wares Reply

    If I was you I wouldn’t do the lottepo popopopopopopopop p o o PO p opopopoppoo pooooops

  2. sama Ahmed Reply

    Jack: Aww you do care bunny: back off you shark pony Me: thats was funy

  3. Bioshockin Reply

    that crystal ball he uses to open a portal. i grew up watching the "Santa Clause is coming to town" claymation movie so i assume he got the crystal ball from the warlock.

  4. Suha Nafsi Reply

    This is my favourite animation movie.

  5. Error Sans Reply

    Jack Frost:ah!
    Bunny:oh no he fell of!(looks down)
    Jack:aw you do care
    Me:HA that’s me

  6. Barbara B Reply

    Really enjoying this film so far. :3 how exciting!


    Jack: Hey, bunny. Check out this view- WHOA-OAAAAAAHHhhhh……
    Bunny: oh! No! No, no…
    Jack: aww….you do care.

  8. AureumTides Reply

    in soviet north pole you give santa presents

  9. Angelia Cairo Reply

    Poor bunny, but why not just take the tunnel before he snatched you? Also, his name calling and sandman putting his hands in the air

  10. Hunter Pearson Reply

    Bunny :where are the bunny seat belts?
    North : that was just expression.
    Me : in other words, he lied

  11. Dracogirl Gamer Reply

    Everyone else: Dude pitch is so evil i hope he dies!!

  12. Alana B Reply

    Why have so many people forgotten about this movie?! It is amazing!!

  13. Dianna Pryor Reply

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  14. Citizen Puppet Reply

    Russian Santa vs. Australian Easter Bunny…

    Who wins?

  15. Brookyln Weston Reply

    Santa: I hope you like the loop dee loops
    Bunny: I hope you like carrots
    Me: I hope I get to ride in that sleigh! 🤗

  16. Shadow Wolf Reply

    Totally got a defrost salt ad………….

  17. Lauren Brown Reply

    I want Chris Pine and Hugh Jackman to make a movie together so bad!!!!😂