ROTTEN TEETH from Grains, how to Prepare Oats Traditionally

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  2. Okabe Rintarou Reply

    I like to eat oats with bananas,cinnamon,raw honey and milk.Milk is the secret that does wonders there,dissolving the bananas(I like to slice them really thin) and combining them wit the oats.I might search for these Ceylon cinnamons since I live them.BTW,what is your opinion about other spices like Oregano,Saffron or Nutmeg?Is it bad for your health?

  3. Hagel Reply

    I have a bunch of oats left over from back when I ate a grain based meatless diet. I might do this to them. I also have some beans and lentils. Can I soak them in acid to reduce lectins, too?

  4. Mike Borrelli Reply

    Do you ferment them covered with a lid, uncovered with with cheesecloth, or completely uncovered?

  5. Gary McCaffrey Reply

    What's wrong with rolled oats? I've fermented them lots of times. My main reason for eating oats is calories, but I don't see why steel cut oats would be any better than rolled, what am I missing out on?

  6. Have you tried savory finishes to oatmeal? I enjoy oats with butter and salt, or olive oil, salt and shaved garlic, or risotto-style with grated cheese and scallions and mushrooms.

  7. Tarim Ali Reply

    if you had to recommend a healthy vegan diet to someone concerned with ethics when it comes to meat, what would you recommend? are there any plant foods without antinutrients and other bad things? is it possible to consume a high fat low fiber vegan diet? that's not unhealthy?

  8. Katie Luciana Reply

    Thank you for this video ❤️I will start doing this I have oats almost every day

  9. John M Reply

    hi frank. i am looking for a toothpaste to use. i am concerned about the lead in betonite clay as ive heard good and bad things about its safety. i noticed your tooth powder uses clay. i am thinking of ordering earthpaste. should i be worried? thank you

  10. Monkey JUMP Reply

    I have oats that have been soaking with water, lemon and vinegar for more than a week now. I've done this before but only kept them soaking for a day. I have no idea if it's correct or what lol. I read that some people replace the water daily. But, I have no idea..We live and learn I guess.

  11. steve5123456789 Reply

    8:30 were you suppose to drain the oats first after fermentation or just keep the original water?

  12. Bubblie BrownJ.R. Reply

    Yay! I can eat oats again. I started my soaking process yesterday to eat it on tbe weekend

  13. Lar x Reply

    I’ll definitely try this! Love cooking the traditional way.

  14. Eidann63 Reply

    RoFl.. this is MY kind of oatmeal. Heaviest grain, 1/2 stick of butter (OK) salt, cinnamon, and little to no sweetener. I can do this. Bon Appetit to ME 😃

  15. Ken wolfe Reply

    As a vegan i can fast for 24 hours then begin a run for 4 hours covering 20 miles & 2000 ft climbing so yup 🙂

  16. ManAtWork Reply

    Regarding cinnamon, you may be thinking of coumarin. Ceylon cinnamon has much less than the cheaper varieties more readily available. It thins your blood so too much of it can be dangerous.

  17. Zia Jimenez Reply

    Thanks Frank for this info , keep more videos coming.

  18. buntado6 Reply

    I appreciate you doing this vids on plant preparation because, I'm from Venezuela, and after a massive food lost caused by total blackout that lasted days, one must deal with the reality that sometimes there is not enough meat. The secret is not falling in the trap of seeing plants as nature's "free food". They're prey that's easier to catch, but harder to cook and break down chemically.

  19. afelias Reply

    Damn, now I'm interested in trying steel-cut/groats. I've hated instant/quick oatmeal for quite some time now, I wonder if soaking oats really does matter for taste/palatability.

  20. AnnoyedDragon Reply

    A week is a long time to wait for a bowel of porridge.

    For us passabys not on a carnivore diet. Could the fermentation time be shortened by creating a 'oat starter', in the same way a sourdough starter does its work on flour in 48 hours?