Ryan’s Wisdom Teeth Removed Video Aftermath

Ryan showed us his hilarious side for a full 30 minutes after he got his wisdom teeth out. Don’t miss the part where Ryan realizes his amazing Falsetto (6:45) or when he calls out Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for a boxing match at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas! (16:47).

0:00 – Just waking up
0:55 – Power naps aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, why work out with a power nap?
2:12 – Ryan practices his song from the Footloose musical, loves his co-stars and their beautiful voices
4:10 – Dr stops by, Ryan can’t feel bananas, he may call the police on the surgeon
5:04 – Did he sign a consent form? He doesn’t think so
5:40 – Surgeon assistant stops by – Ryan is feeling great
5:58 – Ryan practices his song again – this time pretty loud. Shawna (his musical director) is going to be so mad he isn’t at rehearsal. Apologizes to her.
6:30 – Who should he take to homecoming? Too early to tell
6:45 – Graduation early celebrating leads Ryan to realize his falsetto is amazing – channels his Frankie Valli. Realizes he rivals David Phelps and Andrea Bocelli
7:55 – Ryan gets a pretty chilly icepack on his very beautiful hair
8:30 – Ryan’s words of wisdom – “You need to be nice to the nurses or she may kill you in surgery.” The same lesson applies to your hair cutter.
9:03 – Philosophies on homework in high school – it’s about having fun, parties, football games
9:23 – High school is a great time to start a band, like in the movie Lemonade Mouth with Bridgit Mendler.
10:03 – He’s ready to run a half marathon, but then the lights go out – it’s pretty traumatic
10:35 – Tangled is the best Disney movie
10:55 – Gets asked to be a little quieter, and has a gauze incident
11:45 – Gives scout’s honor and then pinky promise
12:15 – Reminds us he’s pretty famous. Thinks being in the hospital next to a yelling Robert DeNiro would be awesome
12:36 – Warns the next patient about what’s to come – it’s a trap! They need to know they’ll get their teeth stolen.
13:08 – Ryan fakes his own death
13:30 – His butt is shaking and twerking
14:05 – No earbuds means he can’t hear anything, bites his tongue against dr’s orders
14:40 – Remembers his favorite song from Shark Boy and Lava Girl, where Taylor Lautner does the splits and a back flip
15:47 – Ryan recalls the time he did a backflip and it didn’t work out
16:18 – Unbreakable with Bruce Willis reminds Ryan of himself
16:45 – Calls Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and plans a boxing match against him. Wait until you hear how the match goes! Vegas, Mandalay Bay – He’s calling Dwayne out! Changes his name for the fight to honor two of his favorites!
20:00 – After the fight, Ryan moves to Maine with a winter cottage by the lake
20:10 – Gauze issues again – reminds us gauze is not food. Reminds his dad to dial it back
21:25 – His retainers are at home, but he was asleep for his wisdom teeth. That’s a problem!
22:00 – Elf swallowed the gauze, so he should be fine
22:20 – Ryan struggles to sit up, but does a great wiggle
22:30 – He finds a doorbell in the room.
23:25 – Does a few leg exercises
23:50 – Ryan calls the aux cord on the way home
24:05 – Dad tries to trick Ryan into talking about the girls he likes.
24:50 – Ryan is feeling much more awake. Much more than when the dr knocked him out and stole his teeth
25:10 – Just realizes getting his wisdom teeth out before the ACT could be a big problem!
26:07 – Dad and Ryan share a bonding moment
26:27 – What should he study after high school? Definitely not a doctor who steals people’s teeth with old rusty pliers from Grandpa’s garage with an unusual appetite
27:26 – Labyrinth is the movie he wants to watch when he gets home
28:20 – Pulling out the IV gets a little painful
29:20 – Channels Frankenstein briefly, picks his favorite ice cream
30:00 – Wearing his ice pack in an upcoming play, where he plays a hell, fire and damnation minister
30:40 – Walking for the first time after surgery, is like being on a cruise ship
31:00 – Rides his chariot to the car