Seinfeld – Jerry at the dentist

Season 6 – Episode 19: “The Jimmy”

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  1. ShahJahan Khan Reply

    What episode was when Elaine says something like, "you're not a real doctor, you're a dentist." Or something to that effect? Thanks.

  2. Adam Zimmerman Reply

    0:13 in an interview with Bryan Cranston he said that he improvised that part and Jerry was on the floor laughing uncontrollably 😂

  3. David 1755 Reply

    His shirt was tucked before he went under. he was molested!

  4. wavyrook Reply

    A guy on a ladder said to me 'hey, you know what would be clever? If you referenced the fact that the actor in this video is now more famous for something else…'

  5. moemoney131 vee Reply

    Cranston said one of the people working the lights came up with the huffing of the gas bit. Pretty funny.

  6. Vadim Rokhlenko Reply

    How would a woman molest a man who can not have an erection because he is under narcosis? The scene would be even funnier with a male dental assistant but for whatever reason I have never seen one…

  7. Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 Reply

    Why is the audience popping so hard just because he was testing his gas? Isn't that standard procedure for a dentist?

  8. None None Reply

    Pretty sure this take was done like a dozen times because Cranston made him laugh over and over.

  9. Andrew Dussault Reply

    Bryan Cranston saying "Sheryl would you ready the nitrous oxide, please" without the visuals made me think I was watching a different show.

  10. Jerry Traveler Reply

    A Man on a latter just Byan Cranson the idea of taking a hit on the laughing Gas.