Shark Tooth Hunting in a Florida Creek for Fossil Megalodon, Mako & Snaggletooth Shark Teeth

We hunted a Florida creek and found a bunch of megalodon shark teeth, makos, snaggletooth shark teeth, a three-toed horse tooth, a dugong tooth, etc. What a crazy fossil hunt! Can’t wait to get back to this site very soon and see what other prehistoric treasures it has waiting to be discovered!

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  1. Willy Dig'it Reply

    Ray plate here ,Ray plate there, here a Ray plate there a Ray plate, everywhere a Ray plate. Cool finds.

  2. Galaxy Reply

    Megs, makos, Junk like that. Junk, you sure?

  3. Andrew Cullen Reply

    Looked like you missed a few teeth in the basket at 3-4 min

  4. Michael lee Reply

    Hey Cris im new to sifting creeks for shark teeth and recently every weekend ive gone to gainville afred ring park and go down hogstown creek but it poluted and its really sifted ive been looking for new locations around gainsville and i was wondering where this creek is could you message me if you dont want ot publicly say it

  5. Chris H Reply

    Really nice finds! Do you ever take ppl out hunting with you? My wife has amassed a jar of small shark teeth walking the beach on Lido Key, but she would LOVE to find a meg. DM me on Twitter @chostetler1967 if so.

  6. H R G Reply

    Hey I live in Florida and I am wondering what creek this is in? Or what area.

  7. თედო vlogs TV Reply

    give me the three shark tooth from your colection snadeltooth tiger shark and megalodon

  8. BrAnDoN _ Reply

    How much are each of theese teeth worth

  9. Wheelchairtravy Reply

    Are all the teeth a fossils you find from the same time period?

  10. Legendary Creek Hunter Reply

    Incredible hunt PaleoChris and crazy awesome finds. Video was excellent keep up the great work, would love to dig those creeks with you guys

  11. Ron Swanson Reply

    You're in a Creek in Florida there is most definitely snakes

  12. Raymond Petit Reply

    Why oh why didn't I have the sense to do it that way! I'm a native Floridian now living in the West Coast.

  13. FlyTitan Reply

    At 4:17, your pinky looks like it’s pointing to a snaggletooth, did ya snag that snaggletooth?

  14. Lilly Firestone Reply

    Where in Florida? I live in the panhandle and would love to check this place out. I've always loved searching for things on the beach, it would be really cool to change up the scenery.

  15. Artemis XX Reply

    Megalodon is an ancient term that basically means big great white shark

  16. Artemis XX Reply

    Meg teeth aren’t that small idiot! Great white teeth are like meg teeth and this is a common mistake.

  17. Yadira Lazaro Reply

    Can I ask, what do you do with all your cool finds???

  18. bones&stones 65 Reply

    Dude! Who was wearing the fingernail polish and why didn't we get to see her? Awesome finds, love the big vert!

  19. DCTRPMP Reply


  20. JadaBull Customs Reply

    3 toed horse or sloth? I have a few of those and I always thought they were sloth teeth?

    Wish I knew where you were so we could go dog sometime. I’m in Brevard County

  21. I Dig Daytona Reply

    Cool hunt PaleoChris . You must be in North Florida to have rocks and gravel . Subbed !

  22. Shaney Reply

    Great videos! Braver man than I in those snake-infested waters 😉

  23. DLR1002 Reply

    Don't you worry about gators.

  24. Nice finds, never had any luck sifting creek beds. We usually dive for ours or find dredge spots. I hunt teeth on my channel as well. Let me know sometime and we can link up! Keep it coming!

  25. Auto Blank Reply

    Awesome megs awesome teeth awesome bones👍