Shark Tooth Hunting Tips From Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Hunting for shark teeth is a local favorite activity! We hope you’ll put these great tips to use during your next Myrtle Beach, South Carolina vacation! For a place to stay and more information go to

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  1. jack is gaming Reply

    I found one that was like 4.5 inches long at myrtle Beach

  2. Br1aNn88 YT Reply

    When I go there, I find fish and shells only.

  3. Paula Sowers Reply

    My son found a white but all the rest we have found are black

  4. SPCashburn 925 Reply

    One seven year old founded a Megaldon tooth in this area!

  5. AshNicFeld Reply

    I found two bigger ones when I went here once! Made one into a necklace and am wearing it right now πŸ˜€

  6. Tibia Finger Reply

    I've been going to Myrtle for 20 years , Never found sharks teeth . My Nephews go to the shore their very first day at the beach an found 20 within 45 mins.

  7. LilShark Reply

    Is keeping shark tooth is bad or good for a fan?

  8. Ed Grabousky Reply

    Now that they refurbished the beach finding sharks teeth is almost impossible.

  9. Crisha Jaydawn Reply

    Cry311!! Shows u how!! She found 20 in one spot. She about 2 do sum vlogs. She getting a ocean front.

  10. AshNicFeld Reply

    I am in Myrtle beach right now! This helps a ton. I cant wait to go to the beach to find some and make a necklace

  11. MadeByJ Reply

    When I was little I thought I found a bunch of shark teeth( 5 years ago ) and I'm now in Myrtle Beach and my parents told me that my grandparents bought some already and put them infront of us when we weren't looking.

  12. Jason Rassett Reply

    I love looking for shark's teeth.β˜†.nice video I was just wondering if shark teeth are cool.i love shark teeth and I love science!!.

  13. Jason Rassett Reply

    I love looking for shark's teeth.β˜†.nice video I was just wondering if shark teeth are cool.i love shark teeth and I love science!!

  14. MadeByJ Reply

    I remember I went to Myrtle beach back in 2012 and I thought I found shark teeth, but my grandparents were putting the shark teeth in front of me but I didn't see them do it.

  15. JohnBoy Reply

    Blakely is my mom's best friend I love her so much

  16. arkinecl Reply

    ive got megalodon 7 inch teeth! (not to brag lol)

  17. Fletch Merica' Reply

    Was at Huntington state park today and found two little shark

  18. lindsay2114 Reply

    My beach in Florida doesn't have many shells in sand it's mostly clear and I don't see many shark teeth πŸ™ I really want to find shark teeth

  19. Lindsey Reply

    Can't wait to go!! β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ½

  20. Shaney Reply

    Definitely the very funnest thing to do while at Myrtle Beach!! πŸ™‚ I also have "expert" tips if anyone needs help.
    My personal record is around a hundred teeth in maybe five hours of constant searching.

  21. CaptainNovaHD Reply

    Man I haven't been to Myrtle Beach since I was like 3 years old hoe I wish I could be there

  22. Hilda De Coninck Reply

    het ziet er heerlijk uit om je vakantie er door te brengen al wat je kunt dromen is daar prachtige stranden mooie goede hotels alles voor elk wat wils ook goed weder de zon alle mogelijke ontspanning je vindt er rust kunt er ontstressen ook kun je op verkenning gaan heerlijk om daar te vertoeven ik beveel het iedereen aan die op zoek is naar een heerlijke vakantie bestemming Hilda d. c.

  23. skitty Reply

    There's my hotel from last year (sea crest)

  24. OutLan Reply

    I found one while vacationing at Garden City Beach this past week. It was very exciting to finally find one, and I did it based on your tips. Thanks!

  25. YourBiggestKiwiFan Reply

    I have to buy all my sharks teeth… I live in New Zealand near a very nice beach that I've been to like 3 times cus its kinda far away, and I haven't found a single one…

  26. Angel Smyre Reply

    Fantastic!! I've only found one small ((black)) sharks tooth in my many vacation visits, but I can't wait to find more. Thanks:-)