Sharpening a Chainsaw the easy way with a cordless drill

How to sharpen a Chainsaw with a drill for a better result.

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  1. Gergő Vigh Reply

    Ekkora majmot. Kanyarintàsos vàgásra jólesz 😂 Mert hogy ez nemfog egyenesen vágni azis kurva biztos 😂😂😂

  2. Don0000011 Reply

    I tried it a few times, worked great! NO, it's not like a perfect file/guide sharpening, but it's fast and gets the blade maybe 80% of the way there, but you can do it quickly, and it's easy. Who cares if you wear out a $7.00 file quicker? Costs me $20.00 to get the blade sharpened by someone else.

  3. Я точу узким камнем на заточном.Есть спец камни для заточки цепей,Можно просто отрезным 2мм толщина. А это сколько же надо напильников испортить,что бы наточить?!

  4. Phillip Kramer Reply

    U should only go one direction. This is way too complicated for the task. Remember KISS. Or keep it simple stupid.

  5. bobe8888 Reply

    You all do realize these files do not work spinning, they only work when you push the file forward. The file spinning in the drill is not removing any material.

  6. Brandon Lea Reply

    Try placing something behind the chain to focus on it.

  7. Arūnas Šveikauskas Reply

    Juokeliai apie tai skaitykite laikraštyje ir dar daugiau nei pusė milijono litų vertės

  8. Thomas Herbert Reply

    Wow, this camera work was awful , get a mono pod or a tripod , your camera will not focus if you are moving around. Try this video again , I never did see a good or clear picture of the cutters

  9. Bang Juntak Reply

    Like a great idea 👍👍👍
    salom from Indonesia

  10. David Watkins Reply


  11. Greg Ivey Reply

    Does the drill need to be in reverse? and what kind of bearing do u have on the other end to hold onto?

  12. Terrence Dillon Reply

    Chains are cheap enough. I have a couple on hand. If work is slow, I can see sharpening, otherwise,I really don’t see the cost effectiveness of sharpening. Unless you enjoy it. After all time is money.

  13. Tom Davis Reply

    DO NOT spin the file when you sharpen unless you want to destroy your file quickly.

  14. Narkie123 Reply

    your fucking your file up you stupid fuck