Skyrim – Stealing Plans Faldar’s Tooth Quest

Looooadsa people had problems with Faldar’s Tooth, and so did I, I had no idea on how to get up into the tower with the plans in it. So after messing around for a while, I found an easy way to get up into the tower! I hope you guys can do it too 😀

(I think you can make the jump without being a werewolf, but it is a lot harder!)
Please leave a like if I helped you guys 😀

NOTE! I know there is a door that leads up there aswel, but it is glitched for some people, and the only way up there is by doing this trick.

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  1. Gtreeko Reply

    This is a super old video and I want to clear up some confusion on this quest as some people are still commenting on this!

    At around 1:37 when I go in the tent, there is a key you can pick up. There is a door in the tower at 2:09 (on the right) which this key opens. Sometimes, this door is glitched and cannot be opened. If it is glitched and you can't open it even if you have the key, try the trick in the video!

  2. PSYCHO PATH Reply

    I've been stuck in this God damn building for 0 minutes

  3. Pixieut Reply

    Lmao. I felt so dumb because I couldn't find my way in for like 30 mins, then realized that there is a door and all you have to do is walk up the stairs and it will lead you to the top.

  4. Zack Wolfe Reply

    or option A. walk in 1 of the 2 front doors. smh easiest path….

  5. Rob Mckay Reply

    playing the remastered and still doesn't seem to be working. thx for vid. helped me beat it.

  6. Anik Reply

    i have recently come across the door using "clairyovance" spell and thought maybe i would tell the people for whom the jumping did not work(as it did not work for me. i know u tried to help Gtreeko) but i see that someone already told about it. but still, even though i had the key, the door was locked with an expert level lock but i unlocked it…. and there was no one inside as everyone had come out to fight me..hope i could be of help!

  7. AllThingsVampire TVD Reply

    or you could justwalk up the smaller towers ramp, go through the path up thestairs and just walk there?

  8. Quenton Kolb Reply

    so i just spent an hour trying to do the whirlwind sprint off tent/werwolf jump over and over between the two and than i read the key is in the tent -.-

  9. Volleygi Reply

    The question is: How do the Silverhands get on the top of the tower when they can't transform into their sworn enemies? 😀

  10. Croix Wimer Reply

    And and and and and and good vid but DAT AND DOE!

  11. Jeremy Workman Reply

    There is a door to get up there toy don't need to do all that

  12. Kris Suko Reply

    There is a door that yu can use instead of doing that jumping crap. walk along the left side on the wall drop down off that platform Gtreeko tells you to make the jump off of and continue along the left side down some stairs and turn left there will be a door with a guy and an apprentice lvl lock picking chest inside along with another set of stairs that leads up to the upper level and there you will be able go into the tower but watch it as the boss did not come out for me when i raided the fort so he may still be in the tower. do remember to grab that key in the hut as shown here before hand though.

  13. Kris Suko Reply

    My issue is it won't even show up on my map. 

  14. bri g Reply

    Theres a set of stairs below were you jump that leads up that tower so you dont have to become a wearwolf

  15. Robert Fraley Reply

    there is a path right next to that leading up…this is ridiculous..

  16. wojtekimbier Reply

    I thought that I'm just such an idiot, that I cannot even find the way through the dungeon, thank you!

  17. lexy h Reply

    thanks for the walkthrough!!!!!

  18. ZaLienn Reply

    I got so frustrated getting inside