Skyway BMX 9 tooth cassette Tuff Wheels!

Get them at

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  1. Tony Montalbano Reply

    Wondered if you can help me, what are the best brake pads for skyways because I've gone through quite a few and none work great?

  2. NessThor Arraez Reply

    I have a couple of those, but they are not "cassette" but includes a "Suntour coaster brake" the question is: Can I adapt a "Cassette" to my rear wheel a BMX cassette like that?

  3. KING CUDA Reply

    can we race bmx with these rims >?
    how much for these >?

  4. B7 13_ Reply

    Planet bmx don't have it no more

  5. B7 13_ Reply

    Where can I get a wheel

  6. Gray Fen Reply

    woulda sold but for that click

  7. David Peric Reply

    can the tuffs with 16t freewheels be converted to these 9t cassettes??

  8. Brian Fite Reply

    for real. 24" for a model c would be dope.