some special complications and risks of wisdom tooth extraction – a bloodless cartoon

What are the risks of an operation to remove impacted wisdom teeth?
We would like to explain some special complications in the removal of lower wisdom teeth. The animation ( video ) explains the violation of the lingual nerve, adjacent teeth and tongue nerve

The video is intended for general information only and does not replace the need for personal advice from a qualified health professional.

spoken text:
Normally removing wisdom teeth is practice. But even there complications may appear. At the moment we are producing a trick shot about such complications and we ask the youtube audience in this stage for their comments.
A possible complication is the damage of the neighbouring tooth. This one may be squeezed and damaged during removing. In case of doubt, we try to separate the tooth, so that the single parts can be taken out safer.
Another complication may be the damage of the nerve of the lower jaw. It leads stimuli from the lip to the brain. This risk is much higher, if the roots of the tooth go very closely to the nerve. The risk and how to avoid it. you can understand the best by means of a sectional drawing. The nerve is located in the middle of the lower jaw. The wisdom teeth are usually at the side of it. It gets more difficult if the roots of the wisdom tooth are bended and twisted in the direction of the nerve. If such a tooth is removed, the nerve may be damaged. Even more demanding is it as soon as the roots grab around the nerve, similar to small hooks. Then the tooth is separated and the single parts are removed. Therefore, we use fine ultrasonic drillers and enlargers like the operation microscope.
Another important structure is the nerve of the tongue. lt passes by an the inside of the mandible under the mucosa. Often this nerve is far away from the operation wound.
But sometimes the wisdom tooth is located at the inside of the lower jaw. Even the nerve of the tongue may pass by in an unusual high position. In this case the driller comes very closely to the nerve. To avoid a contact between the driller and the nerve of the tongue we put in a special instrument for protection.
With this film we wanted to show you the most relevant risks that are specific with removing lower wisdom teeth.
Finaliy we want to emphasize, that permanent complications alter having had such a routine intervention are fortunately very seldom and furthermore it is an important duty for the operating surgeon to reduce the risk as well as possible.

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  1. Bonnie Hanna Reply

    My wisdom teeth are moving my once straight teeth forward. Screw not removing them.

  2. StefanKerstinBertram Reply

    Unfortunately I can't specify statistical probabilities.
    Some complications are more likely when you are older.

  3. West Asian Levantine Reply

    how much more likely are the complications for those in their early 30s with impacted wisdom teeth?

  4. FreeeeS Reply

    Why do these only show the lower jaw molars FFS!

  5. StefanKerstinBertram Reply

    The numbness is almost always temporary.Ask your dentist for your particular case

  6. StefanKerstinBertram Reply


    usually the feeling comes back
    ask your dentist for safety's sake

  7. Brian Sanchez Reply

    Im one the unlucky ones my fucking tongue is still numb after a week hope its not permanent.

  8. Nanda Syaaf Reply

    I have all my 4 wisdom teeth grown perfectly when i was 15 without having any risk of keeping it.

  9. alex taylor Reply

    omfg i have 2 have mine taken out next week fuck this shit im keeping mines

  10. samuel lockhart Reply

    I had one of my wisdom teeth took out today and ifeel like shit because i cant eat food at that side anymore but im going to take better care of the rest

  11. Dan Desmond Reply

    i just got one yanked out and they use such strong pain killers u can bearly feel it.mine was majorly infected and the sore part was removing the infected tissue.. good luck to anyone worried about getting them out my dentist said the risk ov leaving them in is that over many years they.dont get cleaned well enough.and decay… so get em out when your young and heal well. happy teeth pulling 😛

  12. Junkerwatch Reply

    my friend he was born was 2 sets of baby teeth so he's getting 8 wisdom teeth…

  13. Bre9a Reply

    I love how the teeth fly out of the mouth

  14. Bre9a Reply

    Don't you luv how the teeth fly out of the mouth like that?

  15. Bre9a Reply

    Don't you just love how the teeth magically fly out of the mouth?

  16. mtsamman Reply

    20 years ago my dentist recommended the 4 to be removed (2 impacted) claiming that it is very likely I will have bad complications if not now then in 10 years, but I said no, so far no issues whatsoever, just clean them(or around them if impacted) well and save yourself going through the hassle of surgery and possible complications, there is no evidence that removing asymptomatic impacted wisdom teeth has any benefit.

  17. PlaidMoose87 Reply

    I just got mine out today I was lucky the tooth was just hovering above the nerve

  18. divdawgd Reply

    Im getting mine taken out soon. 😐

  19. Meghan Rhoades Reply

    @XboxLass1234 Yes!! I'm thirteen, and mine are coming in… It HURTS.

  20. Hunter Kneller Reply

    @BOBgoesBOOM same I'm 14 and I'm getting them out today.

  21. thedarkmoonmidnight Reply

    @mitch4942 you got nothing to worry about hun. I had all 4 of mine taken out today. There is just some minor discomfort and they give you good drugs to kill the pain. stuff is alot more comfortable than it used to be

  22. noiamok Reply

    I had my wisdom teeth out a month ago and the socket just got infected. I had to get it flushed out and it hurt pretty bad.

  23. Dan. E Reply

    @MrGary4life good luck. just see if getting your 2nd molars removed can make room, this way, the pulling isn't anything to worry about, i had mine done and there was no pain

  24. Shania J.p Reply

    @XboxLass1234 me to a got two more growing at the top of my mouth and th bottom ones r not fully grown