Spirit Science 12 ~ The Hidden Human History Movie

This video dives into and fully explores an alternate version of our own human history that connects a lot of dots that up until now, seemed as if random anomalies of the human race.

The story is certainly different than anything you likely have heard or seen before, but just as well – paints a very complex and yet simple picture of our history, which explains all of the world’s religions, and the state of the world today.

All of the struggles that humanity are experiencing, and even why we are struggling to begin with, is explained through this story.

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44 Replies

  1. :D Moo Reply

    People believe this!?

  2. James Flanders Reply

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha aha ha hahahaha haha ha 🤣🤣🤣 I'm so happy I found this shit

  3. Duothimir Reply

    Thoth's predictions are 100% accurate, yes.

  4. Ludovic Reply

    Humans are a primitive and filthy race of insignificant primates.

  5. Alexander Cascio Reply

    Friend sent this to me to show me how crazy some people can be. Sad part is that I'm sure this dumbass believes all of it. Would make a fun corny fantasy movie though.

  6. Aidawg Reply

    I could pull a better creation story out of my ass

  7. Rowan Tree Reply

    So Hebrews (Jews) are inherently evil and actually do control the media and banking systems because of their left brain lack of empathy?

  8. Michael Colvin Reply

    Question. Is this video series based on a cult like the mormons?

  9. Bones Guy Reply

    You make a good story true fiction but a good story

  10. paul smith Reply

    47 seconds,i managed.Either very ignorant or just a liar.Please educate folks the sciences offer so much awe and wonder that you won't need this garbage.

  11. Dylan Kaiser Reply

    You are full of shit!!! Jews aren’t aliens you nazi. They don’t rule the world, only idiots believe this insanity

  12. Charles Davis Reply

    Drunvalo Melchizedek can no longer be trusted. He's been broken (mentally) for a long time now. Some of us are not incarnating from the past. Some of us are incarnating from the future. Don't fixate too much upon the past. It can no long determine the the nature of the present let alone the future. Don't let any of these teachers from the past cast shadows of fear into your hearts or minds. Let the illusion of the past pass away. Let the illusion for a need for a future pass away. Let you heart lead you into a Now With God Consciousness. Don't wait for the other guy to do it. Nobody can do it for you. Your ascension into being Now With God is the fulfillment of what it means to live "on earth as it is in heaven" Now With God. Recline your way into your HEAVEN. It is a gift freely given to every would-be Son-Daughter of God. And NOW With God, "Let there be…. !"

    With love and grace in The Ascension of Christ. A.T.O.M.

  13. shy Reply

    I just burped outloud really loud did i open my nine tails chakra

  14. George Anthony Reply

    This is what Richard Dawkins faps to on the internet.

  15. Colin Mellen Reply

    When your on weed lsd cocain and shrooms at the same time

  16. speed demon Reply

    The amount of fact and proof you provide is staggering; it's hard not for me to be convinced.

  17. Charles Taochenliang Reply

    This is my seventh time watching this.. love your work and how you connect the dots…keep it up!

  18. Yachter02 Reply

    I keep coming to this video every few years and every time I do I have a clear, and different understanding and interpretation of this theory. This is the best video on YouTube. Thank you Spirit Science.

  19. lee bigelow Reply

    Look into the eye of Africa or the eye of the Sahara. This place seems to be the most likely place for Atlantis. It matches the description of Plato very well and their are signs of a massive tidal wave hit the area around 13,000 years ago. At the time the rings would have been filled with water and also close to the water at the south. The younger dry-us created an event that caused the destruction of Atlantis. Check out this link https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oDoM4BmoDQM

  20. Albert Navarro Reply

    Yo we need to open our 3d eyes again! we as the people need to stand up to the government and take them over so we as the people can reach Christ consciousness so we can change the world 🌎 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ 📚 📖

  21. Brianna Browne-Vincent Reply

    does anyone have a current link to this NOVA youtube channel that is always being referenced?

  22. jetters321 Reply

    Wait I just realized you said that the makaba was gonna be fixed soon in the bermuda triangle and scientist just figured out how the bermuda triangle works thats trippy man

  23. jetters321 Reply

    It makes me sad to see how arrogant people are in this comment section man I love your videos especially this one i hope that your newer videos get better people watching them

  24. acidplug Reply

    this video is fucking cool , even though, its pretty fucking out there , its fun to watch on acid with a friend

  25. Raafat Basheer Reply

    Can I tranlate this video to arabic?
    I'm from Syria and I feel this video need to reach the Arabic world, if you allow me to do that, I will be glad cause everybody in this world deserve to see this
    My email: raafat.basheer@yahoo.com I will happy to hear from you

  26. Bobby Roth Reply

    Funny part is these ppl behind there negative comments saying dumb shit. But if they actually did there own research amd put it together. This is 100 percent all truth just told in a dumbed down formula for this tidepod gen to understand.

  27. Sebastian Mariscal Reply

    "Lucifer is not evil just a change of perception"……."people who join it become evil and kill each other"… men you are putting together many information that is not like that in the original sources , i have read many of this when this tendency began with sitchin, and egipt , hebrews and the problem is is full of supositions and connections that are just not there, i think there are truth in this but is not this way.

    there is a god, there is a spirit realm, our history is not the way they teach us, there are aliens (but may be not from another planet, maybe not what they say), what hebrews say is truth and history, there where giants etc, many this are truth but not neccesary the way we connect them.

  28. Space Ghost Reply

    This is all 100% bullshit propaganda with the sole purpose of brainwashing the weak minded into letting me fuck your wife.

  29. Surface tension Reply

    The name says it all
    Science can never agree with the things of the spirit for it is not physical
    And measurable
    All things of the spirit must be acquired by faith alone! ( with truth)

  30. Psychrophile Reply

    What. Dude, no.. just no. None of this is right.

  31. Brett Gibson Reply

    It is my belief that we kill ourselves by eating. The telomerase at the end of our DNA strands are affected negatively by the release of insulin as a result of the consumption of food. Of course, the increase is exasperated by higher starch or sugar foods. I mention this only as a potential deeper explanation for the decrease in our human life potential, as it pertains to longevity in years.

  32. Dream Big Reply

    EGO: I know all, everything in my world is correct. What i say GOES. My 20-60 years on earth grants me all of human history! DYING EGO: Live in the unknown… This is how you truly discover