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  1. Rivo Kikkul Reply

    Seems that they took some parts from Priest version…the main intro riff for example – the original was ta ta tatata tu tu tu but now they play ta ta tata tadadada. 😀

  2. Adrian Reply

    Is the reunion concert in Germany? Garry Wright is a fantastic singer in his own right. Spooky Tooth should have been way more successful

  3. Alistair Drumbeat Reply

    Such a great band, three of them passed away far too early. Rock em upstairs Mike

  4. Thom Piragnoli Reply

    RIP Mike Harrison, Gr8 Vocalist in a truly underrated band. Always loved these guys. Was lucky enough to see them in N.Y. in 1969. I turn people onto Spooky Two as often as I can.

  5. holly mccormick Reply

    Oh Cool I don't know many that even remember this group but I loved them lol. thanks for the down load

  6. Givi Reply

    Don't know why, but i prefer this version to original

  7. Larry Klawiter Reply

    Mike Harrison's vocals are pretty amazing-40 years on. I fact the whole band seem to have been stuck in a time warp and incredibly, are still playing like it's 1969-pretty awesome!

  8. Mike Coco Reply

    Wow. I'm an old school ST fan and this one sounds as good as the original!

  9. a oneiill Reply

    got to be one of rocks greatest riffs

  10. roland bublitz Reply

    i grew up with this music…stilll moves me…after 40 years…yep..

  11. Lauren McCabe Reply

    He still sounds WONDERFUL!!! ROCK ON, GUYS!!! x0!

  12. Geoff Shaw Reply

    I always remember this song from the album nice enough to eat great album on the island label

  13. DOUG SWEANEY Reply

    Spooky Tooth sounded really fine for being "long in the tooth".

  14. Tim Penfield Reply

    Important band, which has influenced many other bands.

  15. TOPMAN BY Reply

    What a fucking incredible piece of music. (2)

  16. Ray Matthews Reply

    This version is even better than the original. The intro sounds a bit like Judas Priest's cover.

  17. Foivos Legrand Reply


  18. Tor Haugland Reply

    This one brought me into Judas Priest. Thank you! Magnificent..