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  1. Paul Murray Reply

    RIP Mike Harrison. What an amazing vocalist. His gruff delivery complemented Gary Wright's falsetto pitch absolutely perfectly. One of the most underrated bands of all time. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

  2. Scott Davidson Reply

    This song is way before my time but it's cool as hell

  3. Matplaneta Reply

    I can`t believe of that…Mike Harrison. His voice did not change at all!!! I`m in shock

  4. BGoldtone Reply

    WTF Wheres Luthor Grosvenor..This guy looks and sounds like he's ready for the bonepile.

  5. methesponge Reply

    completely wailing performance, i am still surprised they didn't make it much bigger in the US.

  6. Richard Catalano Reply

    i saw this band twice,the reason they never got the prper recognition was Zeppelin came along at the same time,,they rocked!!kick ass rock band

  7. Gregory Craig Reply

    Way better then the Eminem crap young people listen to today!

  8. Kiryk Drewinski Reply

    Very well played & sung!! …but this plastic keyboard does not meet the great sound of an original Hammond organ (or at least of a better simulation). Not a fan of the 80s guitar sound either …but very well played!

  9. Roger Slemer Reply

    Surely one of the most underrated rock band in the world. Endless class.

  10. nathanoman1 Reply

    Still cant believe how on point this is!!!Damn its sweet. Cheers to the old school!!

  11. Stacey Summers Reply

    Sportotorium and Pirates World. South Florida. Miss those days and the music. Every weekend different kickass concert.🎸❤🎸 Both places are gone but will never be forgotten.😢

  12. Stacey Summers Reply

    Loved this song forever. Grew up with Spooky Tooth. You guys rocked the house in the 70's. Still do.🎸🎤🎹


    Styx, Jo Jo Gunne, Spooky Tooth was my very first concert in the early 70's.

  14. Johnson Pudbig Reply

    I agree with Darrin……this is classic shit…….new music sucks!

  15. L Moore Reply

    These guys are as good as they were in their heyday. Gary Wright still his a remarkable voice range. Mike Harrisons vocals are still strong and clear. How about that guitar playing? He never even watched what he was playing but he was up and down that neck like a veteran. Evil woman rocks. Bet you can't listen to this without tapping a foot !

  16. Alistair Drumbeat Reply

    Excellent song from an excellent group. Right up there with the very best.