Spooky Tooth – The Mirror

This is what all you hard core Spooky Tooth Fans have been waiting for!!! Here is possibly number 2 of the 2 greatest classic rock songs ever recorded by a classic rock band who, still today, is showing they have what it takes to make music. I have added pics of their album covers throughout the years from the earliest up until The Mirror. ENJOY!!!

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  1. mark orris Reply

    I was like 17 when I first bought The Mirror album. It was warped all to hell and really looked funny on the turn table. But it road right threw it and always has ever since. Damn good music.

  2. Mike B Reply

    is that bass guitar sounding so powerful, so unbeleivable liked for long time along with Quiksilver

  3. Bo Nichols Reply

    Spooky Tooth…….what a group BUT my favorite album by FAR by this AWESOME band is the title of the same name……"The Mirror"……..this was as GOOD as Spooky Tooth EVER got & what talent with both of theze vocalist's Mike Harrison & Gary Wright & Mick Jones on that lead guitar……..yeah……this LP was as goood as it got !!!!!

  4. Nemail1 Reply

    Одна из любимейших песен — СУПЕР

  5. diane mickelson Reply

    I have this Record. Played it constantly until my turntable broke down. So need to get my turntable fixed cause I have over 500 record albums that need played

  6. cliff kyle Reply

    I look in the mirro they poison my mind twice

  7. Robert Kallfelz Reply

    So hört sich jemand an der den Tod vor Augen hat und nicht aufgibt

  8. bookshelffury Reply

    now im too fucked up to dance so imma sit with my hand down the front of my pants

  9. Я ходил в школу с портфелем на котором было написано крупными буквами (с ошибками) название этой группы. Сейчас мне 54. Its the time machine

  10. Joel Schama Reply

    :/ This borders more on Classic Rock than Prog, with it's simple melody and 4/4 time signature and pedestrian lyrics.

  11. Curt Manners Reply

    Hell, if this song was released yesterday I'd believe it was brand new.I'm calling my local public radio station, they'll eat this up for their noontime jam.

  12. Boss Galaga Reply

    trying to find a balance trying to build a balance…

  13. sdbolt65 Reply

    Gary Wright before he went top 40.

  14. mario grechi Reply

    they don't make music like this anymore….thanks Spooky….

  15. f.d. Reply

    a smile in my face

  16. Eddy G Reply

    is Mick Jones of Foreigner playing on this? Did Gary Wright ever sing with Spooky Tooth?

  17. TONY FINELLI Reply

    i,ve been looking for this song forever….finally