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  1. Udo Matthias drums Reply

    still love – with this song i found the way to the drums in the age of 14 years after 4 years harmonica playing with not really good teacher.

  2. Kenneth Reply

    "Seen a girl on a one way corridor…"

  3. David Gonzalez Reply

    me recuerdan mucho a bandas como deep purple , uriah heep etc

  4. Mohair Ellis Reply

    I have this album that I bought way back there^^^^>>>>****!!!!!!!

  5. Geronimo Rootman Reply

    henry. you are the man. I was. only. 10. but I was. with ya. wtf. they. trying. ta. do…..blindfeelin. ten yes. later. rite on. henry……peace

  6. Rough Sleeper Reply

    Sounds like that eagles song In the City Joe walsh

  7. David Maslow Reply

    Great tune! I too listened to it when it came out!

  8. Norbert Beil Reply

    Indeed – fantastic piece of music! Knew it when new, too. Helped me make my mind up to eventually take up learning to play keyboards.

  9. BA___T Reply

    In 1980 the Dire straits released their 2nd album, titled, "Making movies". A track called "Skateaway" completely copies this Spooky Tooth gem right down to the drum echo on the intro. It is blatantly ripped off from Spooky tooth beyond denial. I wonder if there was ever any lawsuits over this. I can understand Mark Knopfler being influenced by ST, but stealing this song to the extent that the Dire straits did for "Skateaway" without making an outspoken tribute or some worthy effort to recognize Spooky tooth is just cowardly chicken shit. Check it out! You be the judge! Skateaway by Dire straits 1980.

  10. Sabine Holthaus Reply

    Dear Lord, whenever on acid this song blew me into outer space!

  11. Neil Houlton Reply

    Just one of the best band for me, and I think this is their best album.

  12. jim schaidt Reply

    I started going to concerts at age 12…1974, the year S.T The Mirror came out. I remember that was played over the P.A at every show i saw for about a year…but never knew who it was until i walked into a record shop about 8 mths later and it was being played. I was like, who the fuck is this band and what's the name of the record?

    Was told who/what it was and luckily the lp was in the cut out bin…i bought it for 1 dollar and still have it in pristine condition and to this day remains one of my all time fave lps. If you listen to it you clearly hear the direction Mick Jones and Gary Wright took off in…and yeah, the mirror is one bad ass lp and spooky tooth was one bad ass band.

    Mike kelly also drummed for a fine punk band called The Only Ones…another planet is a great song. I did not know he died though…that's sad.

  13. Flyboy Steven Reply

    Best Spooky Tooth album ever…i saw them along about when this album came out….i hated it when they disbanded….Gary Wright is awesome..so is Luther (Ariel Bender) Grosvenor…..

  14. Topspeed350 Reply

    Who would give this killer song a thumbs down? WTF? Inventors of HEAVY!

  15. Kris Scanlon Reply

    if all I had was a steady musical diet of Spooky Tooth Free, Mott,Humble Pie, Bad Co, Small/The Faces and Traffic I'd be doing all right…the heck with the rest.

  16. Rod Dalton Reply

    The first time I heard this song was in a bar in Darmstadt, Germany, circa 1969. The bar had recessed speakers it seemed everywhere …….so when Mike Kellie's drum echo kicked in on his intro, the sound was absolutely incredible!!!!! To this day I can still hear it……never to be forgotten!!!!!!

  17. Guitarchitect Reply

    This whole album was amazing. Later they did I am The Walrus. All great songs with a unique sound between the vocals and instruments that was not a copy of anything else. Fabulous talent washed over by the 'mainline' groups unfortunately.

  18. Tom Rott Reply

    Mike Kellie dies 18/01/2017 ….