Spying On My Girlfriend (WE BROKE UP AFTER THIS VIDEO)

spying on my wife for 24 hours challenge and i found out she was being sneaky on me with my best friend and i used spy gadgets to help my spy on her.i tried to surprise her and tell her i wasn’t going out of town but then i seen her flirting with her personal trainer and making plans to go get coffee and watch a movie but then i seen my best friend going to secret places with her and visiting fun places together so i was a ninja following them very sneaky and quiet but yet they said they seen me, i don’t think they did they just acted like they did.

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  1. Olivia Pearl Reply

    they’re both liars wtf😂. yeah they probably did see you at starbucks and then tried to fool you and flirt together. but besides all that, why was she going to starbucks with him in the first place🤔. clearly not to prank you. and what about the trainer ?

  2. Wolverine Bailey Reply

    Im 100% with you dude, i need a friend like you man. They didnt even look at the camera

  3. Martin Sloan Reply

    Brother never lose your cool. And never stalk someone you date. Simply ask her what she did today. If she lies, say goodbye.

  4. Claudia Chacon Reply

    and why was she dressed so nice to go to the mall with ur best friend?

  5. Claudia Chacon Reply

    if they saw u then why were they meeting up in the first place

  6. Tazarratti BG Reply

    The ending thou….. Your best friend n gf played you

  7. Gloria Singh Reply

    That personal trainer tho you forgot about him walking her to her car even opened up the door for her

  8. Traspii Reply

    I don't believe those two liers for w minute

  9. Z zKillerPUBGMOB Reply

    Bro if that was me I would’ve opened his face like a book 📖 🔪 and yes they didn’t see you

  10. Ed Harrison Reply

    Whats sad is your in love so you have blinders on but your first instict is the right one

  11. Dumb Shit Science Reply

    How do you even know that he was her personal trainer if you said that you didn’t even know that she had a personal trainer

  12. Felipe Torelly Reply

    I really can't believe people think this is real… 🙄

  13. Adam Rashid Reply

    No way that's a joke she could of broke his heart!

  14. SuperSonicField Gang Reply

    Ur lying 🤥 cuz 1 she would of seen ur car and you cuz ur in front of mate! Second of all…she made lots of videos of you cheating on her! And now u do it?? If you lying to YouTube I’m not subscribing…okay once that’s okay but so many times … no! 😀 this is advice! If you like lying both of you that go on a fairy tail movie 🍿! Not here where people hate being lyied to so that’s the end of my long sentence! But it doesn’t mean I don’t like you! 🤪 I LoVe you guys!!! I’m still subscribing tho 🥰