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  1. Maximize Freedom Reply

    I read that teeth are able to repair themselves, but if they are damaged severely(such as with a metal dental scraper or lack of teeth hygiene) then they are much more prone to future damage. Cavities should usually not be filled but instead the teeth should be taken care of very well via brushing and flossing. Getting a cavity filled means that tooth almost always decays much sooner than the non damaged teeth. Dentists are not suppose to scratch off stuff on the teeth with metal scraper for risk of damaging teeth, If your dentist has done this then switch dentists.

  2. S MM Reply

    Seeing things like this and like the observable universe zoomed out, it truly highlights that size and time is very much only relative.

    Therefore, could we have galaxies and other (relative to us) small planets and stars on earth? If you zoomed in enough. 

  3. BuPyC Reply

    yes you can! Here's a movie made by moving atoms and recording it youtube.com/watch?v=oSCX78-8-q0

  4. Nicolette Reply

    I thought even with electron microscopes you could only get around 200000x…

  5. gigantes1966 Reply

    i would guess that it's a montage of different magnification tools seamlessly blended, all the way down to a scanning electron microscope or something of that order.

    you may have already seen this effect in various science / sociology programs in which the view starts at the molecular level, zooms out to an object on the street, and continues zooming out past the city, continent, planet and solar system before it eventually stops a view of the milky way. or vice-versa.

  6. Happy Gesst Reply

    I never relized we could zoom in on the atomic structure of something?! This is amazing! Does anyone else know where you can find videos like this?