Sweet Tooth – Baking with your Girlfriend Roleplay

After revealing to your girlfriend that you’ve never made Chocolate Chip Cookies before, she immediately plans on changing that.

I wanted this to be more of a comfort video, a distraction from all the stress of… well… life in general. After this week I just wanted to make a bunch of cookies. This is an actual recipe that you can follow! 😀 I bake all the time and cookies are my personal favorites. Sorry to my vegans/gluten intolerant in advanced.

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Hello lovely ^^ You’re always awesome for getting to this part!

7 Replies

  1. kris220b Reply

    Never baked cookies, but i do help my grandmother with making Kleiner every year around christmas.

    Also what do you mean you cant eat it raw? eggs around these parts have been samonella free for ages.

  2. striker0 Reply

    That's a common misconception of eating raw cookie dough. A little bit won't kill you or make you sick. I've lost count of how many times I've done it when I bake cookies and not once did I get sick.

  3. Verano Season Reply

    The average length of intercourse is around 5 minutes, ladies, I'm sorry for your loss

  4. Bowdeen Reply

    Great one vixie really enjoyed something simple and sweet

  5. Guillaume Vernex Reply

    "All you need is 3 minutes"
    I certainly didn't expect to get roasted before the Cookies.