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  1. benny robinson Reply

    Calypso should be killed for having a stupid name like that

  2. Sunset Reply

    "it was a stupid name" calm down man

  3. The Joker Reply

    Needles' curse is nothing, I've had gonorrhea for over a year now.

  4. Shockblast Clone of Shockwave Reply

    A couple of things. First: Sweet Tooth would probably be dead by the first month with his head being cooked and Second: the straps of his mask should be gone by now since they're in the fire.

  5. jay holmes Reply


  6. Rivera G Reply

    ice cream truck I scream for ice cream

  7. Squall Ranger Reply

    Hahahah i remembered. That was crazy at the time and fun.

  8. Zach Chase Reply

    give this comment a thumbs up if you think Sweet Tooth should be in a horror movie?

  9. Raul Rogel Reply

    i cant believe i played this game when i was in elementary school! 😆

  10. Jacob Skalski Reply

    This guy used to give me nightmares. Now it’s just a crazy badass story. This character is so fucked up!!!

  11. Deborah Delva Reply

    Since I was a kid, I never used to be a fan of their games except for black and 2012

  12. Waahaa _1 Reply

    "And The Dreams Boys And Girls…"

    Now I Am Gonna Stop You There Needles!

  13. Ahmad Aidel Reply

    The most badass character of all time…

  14. Marcus Muelthaler Reply

    So i played this game when i was like 11 or 12 and just now realizing he says he killed "3 cops" and theres 4 lol.

  15. Dodge Charger Reply

    Hell Yeah! Sweet Tooth Is My Favorite Ice Cream Clown! I Love The Ice Cream Truck, Too! When I Played Twisted Metal Black, I Had To Pick Sweet Tooth The Tasty Treats Ice Cream Clown Truck Driver!!! I Love The Clown Head On The Roof Of His Truck!

  16. Vendetta162X Reply

    "I was out like the dying heartbeat of a little girl"
    Said so casually too none the less.

  17. Isaiah Leal Reply

    man, in 2018 this games edge seems to have worn off. We need a sequel, an even more darker and fucked up sequel

  18. julio _cbp Reply

    And that was for the stupid Twisted Metal 3 ending.

  19. The Wandering Being Reply

    I had to decide. It took me all of ten senconds. Let's face it boy's and girl's, a man has to have to his priorities. I killed Calypso about as well as i ever killed anyone. "decapitates Calypso" L-O-L

  20. Estes Park Reply

    Oh my god I love this fucking game, this shit scarred me when I was a kid, thank you for making my childhood awesome

  21. sato tarou Reply

    sweet toooth identity in this game are so similar to carl panzram

  22. Mario Lopez Reply

    Couldn't he just kill Calypso then drink the antidote?

  23. bizmonkey007 Reply

    This version of Sweet Tooth is probably the best. The voice acting, motivation and psychology behind the character is unnerving, dark, but very well realized. The 2012 version is too Zach Snyder and more noir in inspiration.

  24. James Orr Reply

    Ever beat all the stories and unlocked minion? Were you confused by minions mumbo jumbo number messages whenever you finished a stage? Translated:
    1) I do not think this is real.
    2) I must speak in code or he will discover me.
    3) We are trapped in his head.
    4) This is how he sees the world, how Sweet Tooth sees his life. It is not real.
    5) All of us are trapped in his head.
    6) I miss the old colorful world.
    7) We will return to our world one day.
    8) In the real world my name is Marcus Kane.

    It was all in his head. Sweet tooth got past minions gate and took over Marcus Kanes mind. All of those cars were suppressed personalities fighting for freedom. They never die, they just don’t make it past minion ‘cept for sweet tooth.

  25. Iseriouslydoubtthatscheese Reply

    So fun fact I legit can't play any twisted metal any more because of this game idk why but I get night terrors of sweet tooth every time even bought this on the ps3 and played through it again to face my fears. Nope nothing's changed it's a legit thing kudos for giving me an actual sleepless nightmare every time I try to watch a vid or play any twisted metal. Good game. Can never sleep afterwards don't know why but the fear is legit

  26. Friendly Black Guy Reply

    Scary. I’d like to see twisted metal as a horror/thriller within a car combat movie

  27. Bolt Thunder Reply

    no wonder Preacher has the devil inside him or should i say the Sweet Tooth devil

  28. Everlasting • Reply

    when I was little I had a nightmare about sweet tooth but I never really understood why because I really loved his character 🤔

  29. RetroAdzz Reply

    "I wanted to kill him then and there". That's our Sweet Tooth 😀

  30. Miguel Ceja Jr Reply

    Sweet Tooth would make an awesome horror movie villain.

  31. E&E/77 Reply

    I remember my parents not letting me play these games bc of the dark theme but I would go to my friends house and play them secretly lol.