T-Pain – Can’t Believe It ft. Lil’ Wayne (Official Music Video)

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Uh, I can put you in a log, cabin.. somewhere in Aspen
Gurl, ain’tnuttin to the Pain, ain’t trickin
if you got it, what you askin.. forrr?
Put you in a mansion, somewhere in Wis-canson
Like I said, ain’t nuttin to the Pain, we can change the last name, what’s hap’nin?
‘Cause you look so GOOOOD, tell me why you wanna work here
I put you on the front page of the King magazine
but you ogn’ get yo’self hurt here
Huh, ‘ey! Baby, I bought you in the back just to have a conversation
Really thank you need some ventilation
Let’s talk about yoooooooooooou, and meeeeeeeeeee

Oh, I can’t believe it!
Ooh, ooh, she all on me, on me
Man, man, I thank she want me, want me
Naw, I, can’t leave her lonely, naaaaaw!

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22 Replies

  1. Anakin Cloutwalker Reply

    I remember when people was coming at Tpain for autotune but look at today how artists use autotune horribly compare to him LOL. Tpain really master singing with autotune

  2. Tyeece Phong Reply

    Lil Wayne when he was cute. Lordy he look stressed out now days

  3. Ary Davila Reply

    im glad i was part of this before rnb & rap turn crappy

  4. Eshonne Mitchell Reply

    Y’all remember when this first came out and it took us like a whole month to figure out what Wayne was saying ?? 🤣

  5. Black Kitty Reply

    The fact that noone knows or understands what Lil Wayne is saying; that in itself, is part of the beauty and nostalgia of this song. Lil Wayne was my baby daddy and husband back in the day.

  6. Dwayne B Reply

    T-Pain and Lil Wayne in their primes. Music was good back then, this music video visuals was ahead of its time . #T-Wayne