Teaching Kids About the Causes & Effects of Cavities : Dental Health

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Teaching kids about the causes and effects of dental cavities is very important to do from an early age. Find out about teaching kids about the causes and effects of dental cavities with help from a dental expert in this free video clip.

Expert: Gary Cash
Bio: Dr. Gary L. Cash is a native of Michigan.
Filmmaker: Todd Bockman

Series Description: Dental health is important for people of all ages for a number of reasons. Get tips on dental health and taking care of your teeth with help from a dental expert in this free video series.

9 Replies

  1. Judge G Reply

    This guy may not be practicing for too long because he's exposing the corporate giants of the syrup water industry. If people stop consuming so much sugar (cheap and easy natural narcotic that doesn't show up in drug tests but is more addictive than opioids and completely legal) then we might actually be a healthier society with fewer health problems.

  2. * Sanboi * Reply

    Ugh I wish as a younger kid i would have been showed this … now its to late and i have constant tooth pain.😞😒😞😢😫

  3. silverhranch Reply

    This guy is suffering from heavy metal poisoning. Just watch his uncoordinated talking point motions….

  4. Wize Guy Reply

    We're in fear of dental treatment because dentists fake that we have cavities so they can drill big holes in them and siphon our money out so they can put it all in their own wallet.

  5. AwilAn Reply

    Fun fact of the day kids! Soda will have left your mouth away from your teeth before it can ruin them. sparkles THE MORE YA KNOW!

  6. Orthodontist Arlington Reply

    This is very descriptive and informational! A great and simple way to explain to kids the importance of dental care.

  7. Ellen Campbell Reply

    Dr Cash, this isn't a hard boiled egg, right? It's fresh, uncooked? Great demo…I'll be using this on my OHI for grade 3 students next week!  Thanks!