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  1. Yeshiii Tokuyū Reply

    Hears large stumping and heavy breathing


    Gets sent flying through the fucking atmosphere

  2. 7zer0z Reply

    Walks past a slaughterfish

  3. Lanova Maniac Reply

    I feel like I've heard this in Detroit: Become Human.

  4. Soya Reply

    Make Skyrim great again hail Ulfrick Storm Cloak !!!

  5. The Sky KitKat Reply

    Once my game glitched where this song wouldn't stop playing and solitude burnt forever after stormcloak fight.

  6. squeegee kid Reply

    This gives me flashbacks of encountering my first dragon in the wild and not know wtf to do. Like i just remember opening up the menu seconds before TOTALLY dying, and just fucking spamming all of my food trying to regen health while my friends were yelling escape plans and encouragement at me

  7. Jason Reply

    I'll end your miserable life!

  8. 3E55 D345 Reply

    Best game ever… this is a video game, unlike fornite and call of duty.

  9. Tomasz Pełnoletni Reply

    I hate this, once i spend half hour while fighting against snów bear at lvl 5

  10. Kitsuko - san Reply

    Listen to this when you found people trying to rob you. But don't try to fus ro dah because it won't work.

  11. dex hub Reply


  12. The Red Wall Reply

    "Bad time to get lost, friend."

  13. Mana Reply

    "Where did you get to? .. Done and Done!" Oh Serana i love you

  14. Vincent Fitzgerald Reply

    Once when I attacked an Imperial Camp guess what happened? A DRAGON appeared.

  15. Gojirex Reply

    You start running, so I can stab you in the back.

  16. Peter Man Fox Reply

    You know what makes the title even more accurate?
    The fact that, as a Khajiit, your own claws do more damage than the normal one-handed weapons.
    (No, seriously, when I don't have magic left I just use the claws with the shield. It's actually fun and awesome).

  17. Zxe Joy Reply

    “ You’d make a fine rug, cat! “

  18. I am Nobody Reply

    You Won't leave Skyrim alive!


    I cannot best you I yield. I yield.

    Aka: the benefits of unarmed combat enchantments.

  19. Behind TheEyes Reply

    That stress factor, that heart pumping crescendo, that feeling of making every move count as if it could be your last, the energy this song ignites could put one man against a hundred…

    Aaaaaand its three wolves…

  20. Jadon Coker Reply

    "Go back to your precious forests, elf!"
    Man, that hurts.

  21. tails230 Reply

    "You'll make a fine rug, cat!"

  22. Venus Reply

    tfw you hear this song but can't find the enemy

  23. Michael Aaron Reply

    Serana: never shoulda come here when u accidently hit her

  24. FrontLineFox 20 Reply

    sound of trimming the population of Falkreath for de lolz

  25. S B Reply

    You're a disgrace to your kind!

  26. snowcherryleopard Reply

    tries to run away from frost troll and ends up luring it to a village

  27. Lynx Reply

    What most people don't realise is that this song emulates fear on a primal level. The frenzied beat of the song, the slow buildup, and the strings. At 0:39, those strings are the realisation that you're going to die young, and the fear that often follows that. And it does a pretty good job at it, too.

  28. Owen Reply

    No more, I yield, I YIELD!!!