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29 Replies

  1. Justin King Reply

    I'm seeing a lot of comments of people saying "go beyond the macros… the food is not that healthy… read the ingredients." For those of you saying that, you've already missed the entire point of the video. Rem is putting this out there to say there are options that will help you stay focused on your diet. Obviously, nothing beats lean meats/veggies/complex carbs… i highly doubt he'd dispute that. But when there are times when chicken and broccoli won't cut it one day, you're better going for one of these options than fast food or unhealthy foods. Calm down..

  2. Shay Ashford Reply

    Thank u sooooo much for this great info!!! Much love!!

  3. VanCaelan Reply

    Hey man awesome videos! I’m a new subscriber and I’m from Ohio as well but I live in Akron. I saw protein potato chips at Walmart the other day and I didn’t by them because I thought they were still bad for your health lol

  4. newbtuber333 Reply

    Macros are important but stuffing your body with processed shit food is not wise

  5. carrie s Reply

    This video helped me so much. I've been eating chicken and vegetables since February and im getting pretty sick of it.

  6. Kenz Moore Reply

    Yessss that chicken and broccoli for two weeks relapse is real!! 😂😫😭 I'm a binge too and this video just helped me push forward I had to subscribe I dont like watching people who says you can't have nothing sweet! 🙄 Thanks for the video! 😁👏🏾🙌🏾✔

  7. Dishan Rajendram Reply

    Hey how about honey pure honey would you say that is better than these syrups ?

  8. Bath House Becky Reply

    This video was so helpful. I can only eat so much meat & veggies before I feel like throwing myself into oncoming traffic. So thanks! 😀

  9. Zee Shaam Reply

    I’ve just subscribed watching this video 😊

  10. DJmicaiah Reply

    Sugar-free means artificial sweeteners

  11. Austin Reply

    Im tryna gain weight cuz i cant gain weight for crap

  12. leon harper Reply

    What stores has those peanut butter jars & those protein pancake mix?

  13. MsJovi102 Reply

    Thank you very much for posting. I myself crave sweets whenever I am exercising and can't seem to find the right snack to satisfy my craving without sabotaging my fitness progress. Now I know exactly what to buy at the grocery. Thank you!!

  14. espi Reply

    so like where do i buy these things? trador joes?

  15. Deepthi T Reply

    Love your energy. First time seeing your vids I'm 2 minutes and 19 seconds in and I've already subscribed.

  16. monica miller Reply

    I like to add tuna on top of the rice cakes super good

  17. MrDavidh1990 Reply

    Do you think having a protein bar every day is ok? I currently use one bars. I mostly do a heavy bag workout for an hour

  18. Kimberly Zamudio Reply

    such a great video. first time I see someone admit they actually eat snacks like a normal human person

  19. dawson Lmao Reply

    Sparkling ice is terrible for you… It has chlorine. Look it up

  20. jessiloves reborns2013 Reply

    ive just decided to finish my weight loss i will now be starting to go to the gym i like this video because im super picky i can not do salad i cant i hate it but i can eat a whole bag of veggies ive decided to cut extra sugar and bad carbs out of my healthy eating ive lost almost a hundred pounds i was 260 im now 175 im almost at 100 so my conceous choices and motivation has started to kick in im excited to start my goal weight journey so thanks for this video i will be using alot of this and cutting out alot of stuff my craving for sugar is so bad im struggling tonight so its gonna be rough for a couple weeks but i know i can do it

  21. jessica lamarre Reply

    Isn’t 100% real maple syrup way healthier for you than fake syrup?