The Best of Our Gang Comedies
Classic shorts featuring the ageless antics and universal appeal of Hal Roach’s “Little Rascals”

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  1. carol tenge Reply

    After alfalfa came the little rascals had shot their wad.

  2. TheGranti7a Reply

    Recognize the opera director? He later played the Wizard of Oz, in a very famous movie! "… I'm always watching!" Guess he was practicing for the role of Oz!

  3. Ken G. Reply

    Where are The Little Rascals , the later years, with an older Spanky, Micky, and Froggy?. I remember them but cannot find it on video or You Tube.

  4. David James Reply

    Does Bill Cosby know you are posting this? I believe he owns the rights to "our gang", and did so because he thought it was racist. Wait, never mind, he is busy raping young women, and will not notice this YouTube video.

  5. Steven Drobot Reply

    Then known as Mickey Gubitosi, Blake began his acting career as Toto in the MGM movie Bridal Suite (1939) starring Annabella and Robert Young. Gubitosi then began appearing in MGM's Our Gang short subjects (a.k.a. The Little Rascals) under his real name, replacing Eugene "Porky" Lee.

  6. 11B10 Inf Reply

    The Rascals were ruined with musicals. Shenanigans were 10× better.

  7. Geezermann Reply

    The first episode in this is one that is seldom seen.  I remember it from the 50's.  It's a "Hey Gang let's put on a show", type thing.  This one features a bunch of kids who could ACTUALLY sing and dance.  I love the dance numbers with the boys.  And one kid is really a good actor as well as singer- at about 14:52.

  8. S A Reply

    Early river dancing. LOL

  9. Willian Montero Reply

    the rascals are the best I'm a babyboomer i grew up on Slapstick comedy loved them all Hal roach and Robert mcgowen were real geniuses i love all the opening music favs fish hooky free wheeling boxing gloves but i love the taxi in free wheeling especially the boxing glove device the wobbly wheels on the fire truck spanky said today kids are​ to jAded back then the usA was the depression years these. rAscals built things out of whatever they could scrounge in junk yards and around the neighborhood totally possible my favorite rascal is spanky McFarland we could pass for looklikes he's born October 2nd I'm born October 22nd he's from Texas i was stationed in Austin tx his final resting place has anyone's taken a snapshot of his gravesite inside shot he might have a crypt he loved golf as a kid​ so did i own all their tapes and DVDs rascal rules Bill Montero jr Newark CA

  10. Willian Montero Reply

    mcgowen and roach were pioneers they also brought us Stan and Ollie the lr were the best when i was little i bore a striking resemblance to spank our bds are both in October his is the 2nd mine is the 22nd he is from Texas i was stationed in Austin tx his final resting place i love them to this day bm jr Newark ca

  11. Clint Cranford Reply

    1 yr before Hitler invaded Poland
    it was a different time

  12. Henrik Sylvander Reply

    "I'm never gunna get married, and I'm gunna bring my children up the same way" xD

  13. MsMUSIQMAKER Reply

    Just Boom Ba Boom Ba Boom Boom Boom!😂😂😂😂

  14. P a w pawpaw Reply

    I watch over and over again, lately! very talented children!

  15. Darryl Smith Reply

    late for school many a morning watching the rascals. couldn't couldn't start my day without them. still can't get too much of them. thank you

  16. Holly Hoagland Reply

    Classic! 2015 Mychristina Music Family WESR 103. 3 fm Virginia

  17. Andrei Francis Reply

    Never realized how racist this show was, but I still have love for it in spite of

  18. Nikki Freeman Reply

    I Love the little Rascals my all time favorite little rascal was and always will be Tommy Bond ((( BUTCH))) he was so gorgeously cute it would've been an honor to meet him in person before he passed away in 2005.His son Tommy Bond JR looks just like him. I have the Our Gang Comedies Little Rascals book and in this book U can read about Ur favorite little rascal and it even shows the 1st our gang kids from 1922 🙂

  19. Alis Buus Reply

    best line from Alfalfa:" I´m going to take my voice, where it will bee appriciated"! His dialect is so funny, he is one of my favorites

  20. ra777 Reply

    The three Stooges was right up there too 🙂

  21. ra777 Reply

    My Very favorite thing to watch was Our Gang ! This,,, Bugs bunny and the older shows were the BeSt 🙂

  22. Rube2zday Reply

    @ ChiKal227 Very kool comment <3 ~*~ Have a blessed day.

  23. Brian D. Roberts Reply

    Now these were child actors! I still remember watching these on before school in the 80's.

  24. AspieTay Reply

    No, Ernie "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison was the first, but farina had the longest run on our gang.

  25. Wendy Heath Reply

    What a pleasure it is to watch these, I love YOUTUBE, thanks for bringing back some wonderful childhood memories when we were all innocent and void of worrying about what any one thought.

  26. Raymond Mesa Reply

    The guy was her brother, that's a tuff teacher

  27. berkslaw Reply

    "Boo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo, boo." Alfalfa was murdered.

  28. berkslaw Reply

    True, black folks were stereotyped for the benefit of "white" entertainment.The black characters in these comedies, are not unlike a scab who crosses the picket line: "Shoot, if dey gone pay me fo-ty dollahs fo coonin' it up, but shoot, I'ma take it—I gotta gets what's mines!"

  29. Reggie T Reply

    20:15-20:20 alfalfa was straining that boo boo boo lol

  30. Reggie T Reply

    I will always love little rascals no matter how old I am. IM THE BARBER OF SEVILLE!! lol

  31. Mike Valbuena Reply

    God I luv this stuff! I remember they use to show this on regular TV back in the day in L.A.

  32. Byron Daniels Reply

    We hope you don't get married until you're 80 years old!

  33. Denisa Dellinger Reply

    I grew up on the Little Rascals and never thought anything about racism or anything like that but now as I watch I see there are some stereotypes that aren't so nice, however at the time, these kids who were on this show were so talented and we loved them just as much as Alfalfa and Spanky. In fact more. I'm glad that Katherine has discussions with her kids about things, This was a time where kids came to school by themselves and respected their elders.