The Best of W.C. Fields
An uncut collection of 3 hilarious shorts from W.C. Fields early career..Includes “The Golf Specialist”..

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  1. bobby Reply

    Evil hot chicks are throughout time. sad

  2. USA THE GREAT Reply

    The good ole days before libtards and illegal aliens.

  3. David Simm Reply

    Have a boxset of his films what a star

  4. Connor Green Reply

    How did I get redirected here from Pornhub…

  5. Raymond Cancel Reply

    I don't find this crap funny ,I gest in those days people would laufht at anything!

  6. jeff Craven Reply

    That Caddy's hat, it like tying a crocodile to a lampshade. W.C. should've taken a swing at him with the bottle of gin in his pocket.

  7. Tony Criuzin Reply

    ..Loved this guy !!!! He was SOOOOOOOOO funny !

  8. Paul Singer Reply

    What's with that moustache?? Comedy genius

  9. Sir Lagg Reply

    Great upload, especially for such an old pitcher. How did you do it?

  10. Garrison Reply

    The greatest of ALL TIME. (Do you know a man named  Carl LaFong?)

  11. azoicum Reply

    lol no laughter-editor 🎸

  12. scdevon Reply

    Man, this stuff is as good or better slapstick than The 3 Stooges from the same era and I'm a diehard Stooges fan, too.
    You forget how funny W.C. Fields was if it's been a while since you've seen him in action.

  13. Mr McGoo Reply

    28:27 He says "Aw to hell with her!" but they censored it out

  14. Joe Sparacino Reply

    Any one else think Allison Janney could do the tall babe in the Dentist bit?

  15. smegmalyzer Reply

    he doesnt understand the nomenclature of the game lolololololoo