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  1. Raul MetalmagoLobo Reply

    I'll only try
    I can't guarantee that I can change and keep it apart
    I never realised the lengths that I'd go to stay at the start

    Has it never occurred that it's just easier to part?
    Even though I had an excellent dream

    I'll only try
    I should've told you not to fall for a promising smile
    I hope in the end that you can feel it's been worthwhile
    If you give an inch, I'll have to take much more than a mile
    And through it all, we had an excellent dream

    Then I saw your eyes
    I never realised that under the crust was a sweeter pie
    I never realised that you could sink so low as to cry
    I never realised this wasn't a joke and even less why
    I never realised I'd fall in love

  2. Paige Lawruk Reply

    this song sounds like sunshiiiiiineeeeeeeeeeeeeee . phew i needed dat

  3. Duval Pascal Reply

    Un superbe mix entre The Prisoners, The Byrds et The Smiths.

  4. Tagratemileche ! Reply

    I like the album cover, looks like a postcard or something like that lol

  5. Ruibarbo Reply

    McCarthy ripped this song, I think… or its just I can hear "Now Is The Time For An Iron Hand" in it somehow.

  6. MrsFish7 Reply

    … this is grreat! …. reminds me of The Fire Engines…. or The Lizard Train ('Seventh Heaven', speeded up ?) …

  7. jack chan Reply

    Saw these guys support the prisoners a few times in the mid 80s , totally forgot about them…..this is great

  8. Michael Adair Reply

    So dig this. I knew nothing of this band ;/ Did they influence all of my fave shoe gaze bands from the early 90's?

  9. NJ G Reply

    Have loved them for a few years now, and think this is a great re-working of the Yardbirds 'For Your Love'.

  10. Mike Taylor Reply

    Classic Medway Towns indie classic – paving the way for the explosion of 1994. Chatham leading the way forward.

  11. Hentai404 Reply

    Solved the problem of existing for nearly 4 minutes!!

  12. GrapeStreetKillas Reply

    this band is completely different than the bullshit that was the neo nazi band The Dentists. sometimes bands have the save names, crazy right?

  13. Davide Nastri Reply

    These guys sound like beatles.

    Is this good?

  14. BobC1965 Reply

    to be fair, I wanted it to sound like it was made in the 60s when we recorded it, which was in 1984 🙂

  15. roothands Reply

    This band isn't from the sixties…

  16. PAISLEYTIES1968 Reply

    Great song from a fantastic album. Sounds as fresh today as when it was made.

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