The Fairy Tales of Chemtrails!

Another Tinfoil Tuesday awaits! Today we look at Chemtrails and the conspiracy theory that apparently says we are being sprayed with chemicals and metals from above! Let’s set the record straight….

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Here is David Yates’ video:

Here is Aware Prepare Survives Video:

Here is the Environmental Research Letters pdf:

Disclaimer: This video is for critique purposes only and does not serve to personally attack the video creators. All clips used are done so under fair use.

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  1. Misty Cristello Reply

    Dude no offence, but you need to wake the hell up… Lol many people have done air sample tests hair tests ect and have came back positive to the poisions from these chemtrails . Believe it or not it is real .

  2. The Kev Baker Show Reply

    Hate to burst your bubble but geoengineering @ chemtrails are not only real, they are nothing new. Historic documents PROVE this & even Harvard are planning a sun dimming program, which has been announced PUBLICLY

  3. Mandelbrot Set Reply

    Both the British and American Pilot Associations say that if you report seeing some "hairy person" walking on the wing during the airborne portion of the flight, you will no longer be put in a straight jacket like William Shatner was. Instead, you are required to lawfully wed the "HP." And we don't care how straight you think you are. If you spot a male HP, you are living with a male HP. Hey. You are the one who wanted to be a pilot.

  4. dennis middleton Reply

    Dan, please understand that it took a lot of convincing from several folks with PHD's to get me on the tinfoil side of this issue. I am an aerospace engineer and active jet pilot in the USA.  Although I agree that a high percentage of chemtrail conspiracies are bunk, there's a part to this conspiracy theory that DOES seem to make sense. Monsanto is patenting GMO seeds that are resistant to exactly the types of chemicals that are "supposedly" being dumped in the airways by government agencies. Sometimes the conspiracy is real. Couple this with the fact that many Government agencies around the world have been monkeying with weather since the 1940s and you have one of those situations that might merit a second look. As an educated person in this area, I am more inclined to believe the conspiracy of kickbacks and profit$$$$.

  5. Melissa Jones Reply

    Kristen Meghan. Check her out if you're a skeptic.

  6. Steven Mills Reply

    Yeah the government isn't trying to hurt us in ANY kind of way.

    ANYBODY that questions them are automatically craaazy.


  7. Sideshowpoop Reply

    Haven't these people ever seen a Formula 1 race on a damp day…the rear wing will leave vapor trails, oh no wait it must be chemicals being dumped by the F1 cars.

  8. Robs Droid Reply

    Con trails dissipate, chemtrails do not. SCI man Dan is a fool

  9. Robs Droid Reply

    LOL you are false. You can look up at the sky and see it with your own eyes. they spray all day everyday. This is not a tin foil hat thing like the moon being man made….

  10. Rob Merrill Reply

    Chemtrails are very real. Go outside and look up. Even a simple search reveals they are and have been spraying chemtrails (aerosols) for decades. You obviously looked into the "cover story" but failed miserably to actually look into the truth. Harvard has even openly stated that these chemtrails are part of a geoengineering plan to combat non existent climate change by blocking out the sun.

  11. Robert Howle Reply

    You are an idiot and know nothing of jet engines. Go back to school and learn something.

  12. george krats Reply

    you should stick to debunking the flat must live in a box if you think chemtrails dont exist.theyre spraying every day here in jersey and there is a difference between contrails and chem-trails.contrails disappear very fast. chem-trails stay in the sky and expand.its a fact they been doing this for years.Why don't you do some research before you start flapping your yap like you know everything.

  13. wayne Patrick Reply

    Your a joke a liar sub stealer, . Thick bastard why you lieing.
    Can't wait to see your face get mashed up your sick.
    Gods sake pilots have admitted have to be most hated man in Britain.

  14. Lusty Wench Reply

    Show me a video of a 'persistent contrail' prior to 1990.
    On a cold morning why doesn't the mist from your breath hang around in the air indefinitely? Because the vapour cools to ambient and the water is re-absorbed.
    Why are these 'persistent contrails', not cooling back down to ambient and re-absorbing water? It is/they are, but particulates cause nucleation of water thus you get 'persistent contrails'. The obvious question then becomes, what are these particulates, and where were they 30 years ago?

  15. Shaun Reynolds Reply

    Your the most biggest troll on youtube. You have no skill, so trolling pays. I find it hard to believe you think the govt doesn't lie nor does things to the population they shouldn't. Do a video on conspracys that became fact proving once again it's just a silly conspiracy.

  16. Topaz Wulf Reply

    Let me jump in here an post an apology to SciManDan. I accused him of being a disinformation shill, and I now know that is wrong, and that I let my passion in fighting the chemtrail issue get the better of my common sense. What I rarely do is jump to conclusions about a channel before researching their history and watching a few of their videos. This I failed to do with SciManDan due to the fact that I was blinded by my passion. Now, after watching many of his videos, I believe that SciManDan is doing a wonderful job of debunking quite a few of the most ludicrous and laughable conspiracy theories such as the flat earth, and I applaud him for it and hope he will accept my sincere apology. And hopefully he will also reconsider the issue of chemtrails down the road.

  17. bcdhifi Reply

    Dan you should stick to flat earth as a topic because it is actually something that is proven to be physically impossible to exist. chemtrails may be a made up story but is certainly within the realm of possibility after all Hitler and other leaders of the past have systematically murdered millions of people for insane reasons.

  18. C Kathol Reply

    lmao… That "discoloured" water was transmitting light reflected from the brown wooden deck below, there could also be water splashing into the glass from the dirty ground that the glass was placed on, the water on the chair is as Dan said was much clearer and any discolouration could be from dust on the chair, and there is no evidence that this ass clown did not adulter any of the evidence, even including the chair water, he easily could have put some brown food coloring in either and without a continuous shot he cannot prove otherwise and as Dan also points out the water could be discoloured by.the rain water passing through smog.

    Also, I thought one of the big asshat theories was that they were putting aluminum in the "chemtrails" to dumb us down. I have never seen brown water soluble aluminum before and if there were aluminum in the rain you would probably have a collection of it in the glass.

  19. MrStripeyDog Reply

    Everyone is born an atheist by default. Good day sirs!

  20. william murphy Reply

    I always find this hilarious that ppl think that planes are drooping chemicals. If that was the case we would have died years ago YEARS AGO

  21. Aadin Heals Reply

    There are planes that dump chemicals, called crop dusters… oh and those planes and helicopters that drop that red fire retardant onto a forest fire. That's about it.

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