The intentional removal of sagacity or the great tooth rescue, up to you. Ep. 32

If anyone wants to buy one of Yolitas paintings please head to her website. Kind souls like hers deserve it.

We tied off La Vaga securely in the marina in Cartagena and hugged the jetty after our not so pleasant sail from Santa Marta. It was good to be land bound again for a while! We caught up with some of the crew from the Netflix show ‘Narcos’ (cheers Jo and Jeff for an amazing dinner, you guys are the bomb) and explored the streets of this beautiful city. All the fun we had been having ran my immune system right down and poor old Elay had to get a wisdom tooth pulled out. A huge thank you to Yolita and Wolfram/our Colombian parents for hosting us and making our lives THAT much easier. You have the most kindest hearts and we thank you for opening up your home to us. Until we meet again!! Keep racing you crazy cats 🙂 Fair winds always.

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Love Elayna & Riley
Sailing La Vagabonde.

45 Replies

  1. Terry Rutherford Reply

    Hate to see her or anyone in pain. Glad this was long ago for you…

  2. Keith King Reply

    New information on getting your tooth pulled by a dentist from another country. Most of the dentist in other countries use old strategies from the 1930s to pull teeth. The latest technology and new tools and new strategies are here in the United States. Over here in the United States most dentist who are really smart and really know what they are doing, use a new tool, that goes in between the tooth and bone that goes down in your gum just a little way in, and is used to pry in a circle the tooth up and out of the bone. Just like you use a knife to pry a grapefruit up, they would have your tooth out with in 30 seconds, and you would not feel any pain, and they would not break your teeth. The only dentist that breaks people's teeth, are dentist, that really don't know what they're doing.

  3. Bayliner Reply

    can i ask, how much did the dentist cost?

  4. Gummy Bear Reply

    So close to 400k, only last week you had 200k

  5. Samuel Fields Reply

    Dry scookets sux for 3 days I've had 3 in the past. The tissue must grow back on top of the nerve until it stops hurting….

  6. Gary K Reply

    Elena you had nothing to worry about. Fat? I've never seen anybody look so good after having a tooth pulled! But wow, the bone being drilled; that must've hurt for a long time. Hopefully that's the last tooth you'll ever have to get pulled.

  7. Caffrey's Photography Reply

    Great to see a couple not sacrifice on the wine drinking glass. See so many sailors that just use a cheap glass and its nice to see you guys keeping it classy. Smooth sailing and good rum or wine to you both!

  8. Brendon Lubbers Reply

    I feel you pain with getting your wisdom tooth removed i got 2 done at once, im never going thru that again unless im knocked out. Was extremely painful

  9. shane phelan Reply

    did u buy any Coke in Columbia? lol I'd be all over that…..

  10. iztheterrible Reply

    the shot in the backside doesnt make any sense. there is quite a lot of risk hitting the sciatic nerve and it just plain isnt necessary. the deltoid muscle, shoulder is extremely low risk, and very effective for intermuscular injections. is that dentist a perv ?

  11. iztheterrible Reply

    yep, when infection sets in the tissues, the local anesthesia doesnt work well due. the change in chemistry in the infected tissues partially disables the local anesthesia medicine. one way to get around it is to go under general anesthesia in the office setting. thats lots of risk, or more risk. also can load up on narcotic pain pills prior to surgery. however, looked like a good surgery, hardly any visible cheek swelling. in my day, everyone who had their wisdom teeth out, had faces swelled up like balloons for 2 or 3 days. maybe they have the surgical techniques down pat these days.

  12. Tara Miller Reply

    love watching your videos..I'm a self taught sailor. i single had sail most of the time. my first boat was a 25 Mcgregor and now I have a 25 dreams are to meet a single sailor and sail off. Would love to sail sometime with you guys.

  13. Ivan Maric Reply

    4:55 Is that Tame Impalas song?I knew that Riley looks like someone,and thats Kevin Parker :D.

  14. NaturallyCami Reply

    Also, why couldn't they knock poor Elaina out for the extraction? You would have to put me aaaaaaaalllll the way under!

  15. NaturallyCami Reply

    No one suspects….. THE INQUISITION!!!! PLEASE tell me this happened at least once and you just forgot to record it!

  16. Jeffrey Rodriguez Reply

    What do you guys do for money do you plan ahead and exchange the currency or just bring whatever and hope they take it?

  17. J M Reply

    Or you could use that enormous output of time and money for something other than self-flatulation. We'll they're unbelievably vain people. What a coincidence they've found each other.

  18. speedtree Reply

    She received the needle in her ass as that is the only spot on her body where she got fat tissue left.

  19. Mick Castilla Reply

    Well Done guys, Bon Voyage on your next leg. Cheers

  20. Alien Reply

    why were such a showing bikini top when you have nothing to sshow # small titty

  21. Sandy M. Reply

    Yolita is an inspiration! The world needs more people like her.

  22. Memphis Applegate Reply

    Why isn't this girl a movie star or super-model? It is actually instructive for any person with such aspirations.
    First, the market is flooded with movie star good looks, so trying to make it in show business is far too hard.
    Second, and most importantly, it is still important!!! Any person should use whatever gifts they have: brains; talent; knowledged; a good look, or whatever to their advantage.

  23. SolarWinds Reply

    This was the episode that made begin to watch and learn from Riley rather than watch his wife the entire time. Subscribed. 02130 — MA.

  24. DavidBarry Reply

    hey is that Tobias from the sv Asgard at 2:38, Tobias and Annie Ford are from Tasmania @sailing la vagabond

  25. GivesAMinute Reply

    Oh, that tooth removal looked like one big bag of suck!! 🙁

  26. Mike Jones Reply

    I'm terrified of the dentist, I white knuckle grip the arm chair just when I'm getting my teeth cleaned. Glad to see your supremely beautiful large mouth is still in top shape!