The Jerky Boys-Dental Malpractice

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  1. 89gymratt Reply

    I go in from CAB , I stop Cab , my tooth hurting , I go in , He say Sit Down , Then HE PUNCH MY TEETH !

  2. KOS Listed Reply

    I had all Mine out in Bootcamp. No one I ever talked to had it done like they did Me. They ground My teeth down paper thin with some Dremel tool looking thing, then took the Dental Hook and just punched the remains into broken teeth pieces. I still recall seeing teeth bits and blood all over their gloves. At least My pants were unbuttoned. O______O

  3. Herbert Norkus Reply

    Since this recording, theyve all traded in their cabs for convenience stores and motels…

  4. notta3d Reply

    What an insensitive woman. The guy punches his teeth, wakes up with his pants are unbuttoned, and worst of all he can't blow bubbles and she's asking him why he's screaming.

  5. John Eff Reply

    "ALLLAHHH…I pray to Allah that
    somebody help me…."

  6. Ms M Reply

    He punched my teeth … lmao

  7. Mark Matthews Reply

    when she repeats his phone number back, she gets two numbers wrong, he's like, "OK…"

  8. mickmoart Reply

    This blackhead make me true popcorn nothing!! D'AAAAAAARGH!!!


  9. Ay Em Reply

    This is the treatment my people!

  10. Tony DeGregorio Reply

    This is pure perfection. Screaming in her ear like a lunatic.

  11. ACDC Reply

    :58 she laughs…LMAO

  12. tylerdurden3891 Reply

    Lady: Give me your number.
    Aleekaman: 555-2591.
    Lady: 555-3390?
    Aleekaman: Yes.

  13. Brian Lee Reply

    i can't even blow bubbles when i drive cab ..lmfao

  14. rollo131 Reply

    The best part is how he lays on this heavy suggestion that he's been sodomized.