The Majestic

Jim Carrey stars as Peter Appleton, a Hollywood screenwriter who, in1951, receives a summons to testify before the feared House Un-AmericanActivities Committee. But Appleton accidentally crashes his car,develops amnesia and ends up in a small town. His remarkable resemblanceto a missing World War II hero, Luke Trimble, causes the residents,including Luke’s girlfriend, to rejoice at his “homecoming.” Thesoldier’s father (Academy Award winner Martin Landau) happily welcomeshis “son,” and, together, they refurbish the town’s decaying movietheater, The Majestic. But when a film that he wrote plays there,Appleton regains his memory. Now he must choose between the life he leftbehind and the new one he’s grown to love.

4 Replies

  1. Matthew Morris Reply

    Only reason the production bunked is because the majority of audience members can't handle this long of a show. They get bored far too quick. It's sad but true. I personally loved this story and was moved. It's explained clearly and takes you on a powerful journey. To top it off the cast is predominately made of top actors that are incredible talented and known. I'm happy to own this film.

  2. Kevin Doran Reply

    As much as I think that JC is one of the funniest men on the planet, I also appreciate is dramatic talent. And this is my favorite dramatic role of his. I just think this is a beautiful movie. RIP to another great… Martin Landau. And to a man I know personally, David Ogden Stiers of MASH fame. Another fine actor.

  3. Justdis Guy Reply

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