The Tooth Fairy

Northern California, 1949: In the woods outside of a small town, a hideous witch lured children to her crumbling home where she stole their teeth, butchered their bodies, and cursed their souls to wander the earth forever. Decades later the house has been converted into a quaint country inn, but an untold evil remains. The witch’s slumber has been disturbed, and her vengeful spirit seeks the violent slaughter of all who stay there. And for one eleven-year-old girl with a loose molar and an active imagination, the ultimate horror begins with a visit from The Tooth Fairy.

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  1. Mikey Kuplevatsky Reply

    I'm so glad I found and purchased this! I saw this movie when I was young and remembered loving it. Here's to hoping I feel the same way.

  2. Amaya Palmer Reply

    David Videos Dg I'm Asking Where Can We Watch The Full Movie With Out Buying It

  3. Amaya Palmer Reply

    where Can We Watch The Full Movie WithOut Buying It ?

  4. Ella Kerslake Reply

    if anyone knows where to buy this movie please tell me