The Tooth Fairy

When a girl loses her tooth, the tooth fairy comes and gets a SPECIAL surprise! Then, they get brownies! YUMMY!

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28 Replies

  1. freeeeedi Reply

    You know it's old when the end says the MySpace page. 😭

  2. itsmejida Reply

    The cringe is reallll😂😂😂😂

  3. Alexandra Alvarez Reply

    I swear this is so weird yet funny! too bad they stopped making videos though 🙁

  4. lauren12019 Reply

    No lie when i looked at her clock it said 7:32 then my clock said 7:32 ! Haha

  5. Olivia O Reply

    lucas needs to do vids with JKL Productions who agrees

  6. ParadizedLife Reply

    I really don't see how people think these videos are stupid… gosh I looooove them and their supposed to be stupid/ funny and they have so many subs than u can ever get so don't be jealous thank you 🙂

  7. SingzitLoozers Reply

    that was the worst fake slap lol 🙂 i love you guys this vid always makes me laugh

  8. Ida Dandashli Reply

    where is lucas?! this is JKL production not JK production.

  9. ShayShayAlways Reply

    Lmao he does make a good point.Why does Santa get tasty deserts and not the tooth fairy?All SHE gets is teeth xD

  10. Giselle Ramirez Reply

    Hehee,this videoo is HILARIOUS:)
    Hahaa,thee tooth fairy is funny xD <3

  11. Charlotte Nicklin Reply

    @101commentor I heard it was 'cos Lucas moved two states away so it was hard for them to make vids together. Then Katie & Jon had a fight with Lucas and then he made Fred, then he was too busy with Fred to do JKLProduction. Sad really :

  12. Veronica Durkin Reply

    Haha I can't believe I've never seen this before. I liked it but i didn't need to see your mom with brownie mix all over her face. Hahaha.
    And wow.. Everyone needs to just shut up with all the fake and bad acting comments. God so annoying. And the same with the Fred comments. Jesus christ.