THE TOOTH FAIRY (Smosh Babies #7)


When Anthony loses his first tooth, the babies realize how rich the Tooth Fairy can make them.

Before Ian and Anthony were stupid adults, they were even stupider babies! Follow their adventures every Monday only on Shut Up! Cartoons!

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31 Replies

  1. drew251 Reply

    If someone has your tooth and they put it under their pillow they won’t get any money

  2. Melai Enterprise Reply

    Tooth fairy is no big deal, I only got 1$ from the tooth fairy

  3. Jason Lynn Reply

    1:34 why the hell is Ela apart of the piled up babies when she’s the one running away

  4. Douglas Alas Reply

    you know if the tooth is not yours the Tooth Fairy won't give you get a toothbrush

  5. Eric Hewitt Reply

    i wach you 6 now i"m 7 no time no see you in a yers and ya

  6. Dragon Boi GT Reply

    Why tf is is penny in the pile when they trip??? Why dose mrs hugs a lot lose her eye and then it is there

  7. Basic & Simple Reply

    They explained the tooth fairy as a hot girl that kisses u and the girl baby took the tooth so she’s come out rlly early.

  8. D4 Lluc Reply

    1:34 What the hell is she doing there even though she is running