The World of Commedia dell’Arte

This film is an introduction to the world of Commedia dell’Arte. Learn about all of the stock characters in Commedia, the masked and the unmasked, their status, their physical shapes and their characters. This film was made from a two day workshop with young actors held at the National Theatre with Didi Hopkins from Commediaworks. The film was made by Deborah May.

Discover more about the art of making theatre with the National Theatre:

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  1. Buttery Pizza Pies Reply

    I know this looks silly but some of you in the comments seem like very boring people.

  2. Marcel Van Capellen Reply

    Hello Hello, this is the master of the world speaking. I am the head of the Illuminati. I know everything that happens in ISA. I know about orestizy, about christopher and ik about leobx

  3. david gregory Reply

    great synthesis and video!!!! everything cristal clear. thank you

  4. Eamonn Maher Reply

    This might be some of the stupidest shit I have ever seen.

  5. Zahra I Airall Reply

    this was very helpful in understanding the stock characters. Thank you for making and sharing this

  6. Francais Lover Reply

    Watching this for online History of World Theater I class in California,USA.

  7. dʒeɪms Reply

    of course this is a jewish art. everything about it screams kikery.

  8. Ordepnok Reply

    the one thing that bothers me is how one of the circles in the diagram is empty…. AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH

  9. Rayssa Carvalho Reply

    meu sonho é alguém traduzir pra Português corretamente

  10. han banan Reply

    Blondie with the bun is hot though.

  11. Isla Ferguson Reply

    I honestly love this so much. The comment section has got to take themselves less seriously.

  12. FelicitySwirlzx Reply

    Looked at this in drama class in school lol😅 then we had to do something similar lol😂😂

  13. Lugh Summerson Reply

    The part of anatomy between the hips is not the knee.

  14. Natalie Wooding Reply


    I know training like this gives rise to great interpretations and characters but still watching it at work is so strange.. xD

  15. YETI Reply

    I was creeped out as fuck when I saw this in class

  16. Dan O Reply

    school brought me here not to mention lame video.

  17. Oscar Sparkes Reply

    What the fuck is the beginning actually what the fuck is the acting

  18. decaine97 Reply

    weird af, I have to watch this for school

  19. Waxeye Reply

    Wow, awesome vid, I like the kabbalistic diagram analogue