Third molar Extraction (wisdom tooth)

Extraction of the upper right third molar was carried out by Dr Giath Gazal in the Taibah Dental College under LA. Almadinah Almunawwarah.

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  1. Stella luccie Reply

    تمثيل .. اساسا مخدر العيان وعمليه الخلع تم اتمام 90% منها وبعدها فتح فديو وصور التمثيلية.. انا دكتورة اسنان وفاهمين كل شيء

  2. OBiFLY Reply

    The simple definition of SAVAGE

  3. SirenOfMorning13 Reply

    That tooth came out no problem. They had to put me to sleep to get mine out.

  4. Knarf Feob Reply

    Good dentist . Tommorow is mine turn . Ive been for 7 years not seen a tendist , phobie scared . I got 4 thoot extraction 😱. Let iT over fast

  5. LB Reply

    what a joke

  6. RumpleXstillXskin Reply

    Wait for injection to work at least 5mins …but seemed to go well ?

  7. MuneShadow1 Reply

    I had mine extracted several years back, but I was put under while the dentist worked. Needless to say, I was in a daze for a few hours and had to eat soft foods that aren't to be scalding hot nor spicy for a week; it sucked.

  8. Majed Bin nasser Reply

    يادكتور ليش ماسويت دي اتشامنت والايليفيتور ؟

  9. rafalpanwojny Reply

    i would pay extra to have this done while unconscious

  10. Eve Green Reply

    That was quick way to quick i think

  11. Sean Needham Reply

    Dam lucky I had mine out this morning it took 40 minutes no idea wtf she was doing

  12. Shane B. Reply

    That sound 😫. And the fact he's just waving it around in front of him. I'd be shook if that happened

  13. mike huskey Reply

    No dental assistant and no waisted time. That’s was fast

  14. wantsome7655 Reply

    I had a molar removed today and when the dentist pulled on it it shattered into pieces. He spent half an hour drilling and digging it out.

  15. NooBie } Reply

    Im getting my wisdom tooth in 6 hours. IM FEELING SICK HELP 😥

  16. Aziq Azman Reply

    So this is what's going to happen to me in the next day or two.. nervous as fuck, lol..