Tiny home packs storage stairs, 2 lofts, tub in 136 sq ft

Julie Olson needed a traveling home for her mobile dog training business. With no architecture training, she drew up plans for exactly what she needed and sent them to Jason Dietz of Molecule Tiny Homes. Over a couple of months he built her home to her specifications: a fold-out porch, storage stairs, 2 lofts (1 for sleeping, 1 for storage or 2 sleeping quarters), a slim closet, and a bathroom with tub, composting toilet, tiny sink and escape window/door for viewing nature.

The 136-square-foot home can run completely off grid with rooftop photovoltaic panels, solar batteries, a propane tank and a tankless water heater. Total cost was $45,000, but Dietz says you could bring that down by about half if you built it yourself. Part of the reason small homes on wheels cost more per square foot is because they require structural support to survive on the road. The home was built in Santa Cruz, California and it made its first trip over 3,000 miles to Maine where Olson moved in with her cats and dog to travel and study.

Molecule Tiny Homes: moleculetinyhomes.blogspot.com

Original story: http://faircompanies.com/videos/view/tiny-home-packs-storage-stairs-2-lofts-tub-in-136-sq-ft/

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  1. Tupelo Mem Reply

    Wow I love the lay out.and x 2 lofts.x 2 doors.sweet little kitchen really beautiful.well done owner.i love ๐Ÿ’• it. And thanks for sharing you -tuber friend.

  2. Mari Garcia Reply

    the lady is going to use it for dog training! if i was her i would use it to live in it

  3. Mari Garcia Reply

    wow!! its big inside and its realy cute it has evrything you need ..one of the best tiny houses you guys did a good job putting evrything. its needed inside..realy nice i love it

  4. Whatsina Name Reply

    The tiny house movement has exploded since this was filmed. So has the size, weight, and cost which defeats the original purpose of down sizing, mobility, and affordabilty.

  5. Sylvia Crawford Reply

    Will the hot water heater, the piping for water and the battery area be OK during the cooler weather on the east coast?

  6. Lisa Baltzer Reply

    It would be cleaner to just crap in the woods than let it pile up in a bucket in the house. That type of toilet is just plain nasty.

  7. Saturn Inc Reply

    really like this tiny house; it is amazing how spacious it really is. I find the entire second half of the space (kitchen, bathroom, closets, stairs, loft) brilliant and very well spend use of space. I did not really get a good look on how the first half can be used. Since there is nothing in it yet (couch, table, desk or so) it just was difficult to really see how that woudl work out for real. if you add an extra 2 meters on teh frontside I can imagine this to be incredibly spacious and comfortable, and also – for example – leave room for a washer-dryer combination in another build-in closet… great work!

  8. Alan Smith Reply

    beautiful design! love the dormer. thanks for sharing!

  9. Josef K Reply

    Why no sheathing? Isn't that important?

  10. Elise Horton Reply

    The great steps and the spindles are great. I would need a high loft, the nice steps, and my loft would some kind of divider for privacy and closets upstairs.

  11. Carole Cole Reply

    Have you ever put a futon mattress directly on the floor? Your futon won't last long and won't be reversible. Might work if you flip it every week, allowing it time to air out before making it up. I found this out the hard way – went to flip it after some time and it was moldy underneath. You have to at least put a minimal frame underneath to allow air flow.

  12. Kelsey S Reply

    Nice little place! what is the pitch of the main roof?

  13. Dan Bev Reply

    Nice video, nice commentary. Nice 'lil house. I like the points about avoiding rigid materials, so the house can survive being moved. I would prefer a bigger kitchen, but it may be perfect for the designer.

  14. No No Reply

    Too many wood textures

  15. No No Reply

    A tree and a cars offspring

  16. Sandy Say Reply

    "It gets the job done" ๐Ÿ˜ lol

  17. DASHIE07 E. Reply

    What's the point of building if NOT meant to live in anywhere? STUPID STATEMENT!!

  18. Lake Martin Reply

    Use a thin OSB behind sheetrock, Helps prevent cracking…! Look at Modular designs…!

  19. Taylor Reply

    PRICE: 25K – 90K WOW…

  20. Mathew Griffith Reply

    And this guy knows nothing about what he is doing. He's ripping people off in my opinion. I build houses and he would never be aloud on one of my jobs. LMBO

  21. Mathew Griffith Reply

    Not really impressed with anything other than the staircase. And that really isn't impressive either.

  22. Zippo Fanatic 77 Reply

    These guys are such liars on why these are so expensive. It's cause they make profit off it lol I built my fathers 24 x 20 garage with a concrete pad for 6000$. Such jokers out there.

  23. Kevin Vanderpluym Reply

    Beautiful work I been doing hardwood flooring for 21 years am in love with tiny houses they be idea for I I also worked making metal an wood doors the wood here is just amazing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Marilyn Calvert Reply

    Considering what it cost to actually build these homes people who are building them are charging the coast of a house. If your smart that Home will cost you a lot less in building supplies than $10-$18,000. There are hud stores where supplies are super cheap. You donโ€™t have a norm size refrig or stove itโ€™s pretty bare without appliances. This lady is going to regret a lot in this house. Not even a ceiling fan or stove exhaust for smoke or fire. Iโ€™ve seen many with more costing less and this had no eating or living space. Which a sofa style couch around a table would knock out living and dining and a tv added. Iโ€™d never pay that much for nothing.

  25. Marilyn Calvert Reply

    The facets are big and gawky. I could have done better even with the bathroom sink. Why are they not using the Japanese water heaters that just heat what water you use and cheaper and smaller that ones made in the USA. I also saw no heating or cooling and Maine is very cold even in the summer.

  26. Soldier Of The Cross Reply

    That is ONE AWESOME TINY HOME. I just love the way y'all utilized the space and incorperated EVERYTHING in it. I Love everything about it, especially the staircase and the kitchen and bathroom with emergency exit. About the only change Id make would be to have a gambrel roof for the loft, to have even more head room…Bravo, Bravo, Well Done !!!

  27. Soldier Of The Cross Reply

    Good video. You know that part about people frowning on tiny houses. Some people make me sick. If people would keep their big fat noses out of other peoples business and focus on themselves instead, this world would be a much better place and they would have their life together more !!!

  28. Ang dlwil Reply

    priced way to high, the point of tiny house is to build something that isn't over 10 to 15 k, this is so high I could build a larger home period, this 35 to 90k is ridiculous, u r going to be in debt with a mortgage at these high prices, crazy, these builders r making a killing off people,

  29. YaYa Reply

    So far this one is my favorite! I like the idea of having another room to go to like the bed loft.

  30. Ruby Marin Reply

    Love it,thank you for sharing,God bless you

  31. A. GM Reply

    I would rather see my neighbours safe and happy than homeless.

  32. BJ Carbo Reply

    I think this might be the best really tiny, tiny house I come across in years! One problem……. the person who was shooting the video could not leave the camera on something more more than 2 seconds, and trying to zoom or move in closer actually prevented us from seeing more, which I think was her/his intention. Staying back and giving us a wider shot so we could judge size would have given us MORE information. And I went thru it twice trying to freeze a frame (anywhere) but the videography was so poor, at NO place can you truly see the majority of the "living room" to judge if a sofa etc would fit. For the people shooting the videos (this and other tiny houses) keep it simple. Don't get too close – we need the whole picture not a knob or a rod, the whole whatever it is you want us to see.

  33. Anthony Coyle Reply

    I like the video and the idea of scaling back in life,that being said anything over $20,000 defeats the purpose in my opinion.

  34. D LG Reply

    This just doesn't look finished to me. There are nontoxic stains/paints out there to add a little color and variation, if you're concerned about that. The design of the house is fine, but it needs some color!