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45 Replies

  1. Brain Dead Reply

    I love how Jackson hears the word teeth and instantly gets up

  2. Heather Terry Reply

    Hi Shawn And Jack see you guys in the summer for summer school

  3. Sandy Scott Reply

    As a retired dental hygienist, he was too young for his first appointment….no earlier than age 3 unless there are some concerns….

  4. Ana Paula Reply

    Wow I cried when you started to sing the kid gave a smile awn very beautiful I am dental student living in brasil and pediatric warms my heart..

  5. Jane Collins Reply

    I love how Ellie said but your on top and Jared said thats what she said

  6. Yazmin Hill Reply

    That. Was. So. Sweet. That. Jackson went. To. The. Dentist 👍

  7. Logan Deshaies Reply


  8. Logan Deshaies Reply


  9. Rosa Sidey Reply

    ellie and Jared what's your
    last name?

  10. alohachristine Reply

    You guys are sure adorable! I go to the same dentist with my children, and he is amazing! Way to show how wonderful families are!

  11. giannis nikodimos Reply

    well i have to say that the dentist has a good voice he shoud go on a talent show XD

  12. Jacqui Peacock Reply

    So funny watching you both fight for affection off of Jackson!

  13. Emalie omg gaming channel Reply

    I love your guyses but you and your sisters they are so funny I love that your husband is so caring to your kids watch your videos every day I come from school I love your videos

  14. Non Stop Reply

    For those who live in England, what's better… NHS dental hospitals or a private dentist? and if you do go private, do you pay for a membership.. or do you just turn up and pay for what needs treating?

  15. La eMetje Reply

    Jackson does it better than ollie

  16. Young Luu Reply


  17. hannah frizzell Reply

    We bought my cousin the little mator truck and he loves it