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  1. internetpolification Noseygoò Reply

    No way this would last. All looks hunky dorey on advertising blurb like this but in reality, the tooth is being damaged by being ‘prepared’, just like for veneers. The surface of the tooth is being ruined forever.

  2. Omega45vong Reply

    RECCOMEND drinking with a straw. Say good by to tough food.. Call this a diet plan… If you wish for it to last…. And smoking is a no no and nail biters beware.

  3. •Ajulu• Xoxo Reply

    My teeth are so ugly. I fucking hate them so much. There badly shaped rounded at there so UGHHHH. I wish i could get this

  4. Tierra Shanice Reply

    It looks great, but I hate non permanent solutions! Anyone have any other suggestions for (preferably a permanent solution)? I also hear that braces aren't guaranteed to be permanent as some people got their gaps back. 😥 Ugh what to do, what to do?

  5. Nesha Britwood Reply

    I want this done. Like I want this done as in a few weeks. Hopefully when I call the dentist they will tell me.

  6. A Reply

    I have acid erosion of my enamel. Can bonding be done to the backside of the teeth as well?

  7. Claudia Moran Reply

    I had a bonding after I broke my front tooth pretty badly. After the procedure I was disappointed bc It didn't look normal, it was fatter and bigger. It gets stain after a while, yellowish and slowly starts breaking apart. I had mine for about 2 years.

  8. MBS Reply

    This happen to me today I'm 11 years old I tried getting my ball over the fence and there was a snow shovel I fell the fence and my face hit the shove and my bottom teeth chiped and of my front teeth broke of I don't want to buy fake teeth I just want those broken teeth back the way it was

  9. amanda geisler Reply

    …oh and in response to the questions about the cost, it's only $235 in Los Angeles, CA, probably less in other states

  10. amanda geisler Reply

    I've had mine 15 years without a problem, still looks almost just as good as day 1, I'm replacing it next week…Only because another orthodontist filed it too low in an attempt to create space for my teeth to move back.

  11. Lisa Thanh Reply

    Mine last for 5 years, it got stains from coffee. I will go get it redone soon. Hopefully my new dentist can do a great job. The sad thing is after bonding you can't bleach or whiten that teeth.

  12. brian kendrall Reply

    well can a broken incisor be grown again with its sense like norm teeth??

  13. Bobby Caldwell Reply

    Cool! I am totally gunna try this with polycaprolactone!

  14. workithoneyboney Reply

    Can i still whiten my teeth with crest whitestrips after this bonding procedure?

  15. Jo Im Reply

    I am more concerned about the cost…

  16. Shane Woods Reply

    My dentist did a horrible job on mine! I can easily tell where it is bonded and I have to be very careful while biting food.

  17. Thomas White Reply

    they will not be as good as they were, no-one can really say altho they put treatment on before the bonding.

  18. QuadTubeChannel Reply

    I had it done some months ago, including 4 front teeth. On the whole I'm very impressed with the results.

    Downsides? Bonding seems to stain easily. It can also trap food if your gums are still healing. But this may not apply to you. Prior to this my teeth were in a bad way, but the transformation was great. I got my condifence back.

    As always, please seek the advice of a professional in order to ensure that you are offered the best solution to your needs.

  19. QuadTubeChannel Reply

    Chances are you'd need to have it touched up or replaced.

    In most cases, replacement is a very simple, painless procedure. It does not adversely affect the underlying enamel however it is crucial the enamel is clean and healthy prior to further application.

  20. Sweetie Reply

    I guess its not just me going to the dentist today.

  21. Fabiano Dasilva Reply

    i was really scred to do it,, but now am so happy,, my teeth it wasn't bad,, but always i want the perfect smile ,,,, this comment is for a real person am not a doctor or someone to offer to do a bonding,,, i pay very cheap for my front teeth,,

  22. snicky82 Reply

    How long does bonding last?

  23. myjiujitsusucks717 Reply

    Yep I got my tooth fixed 3 years ago and it just got chipped again. I guess the material gets weaker within 3-10 years.

  24. Zero Hoots Reply

    What happens after 3 or 10 years when it falls off? Is the tooth stays the same as it was before the bonding procedure? Or it'll be damaged or something?

  25. adayinothersshoes Reply

    i chipped my tooth two years ago..and i got it fixed. i was eating a piece of candy then it fell off:"(. im getting it fixed soon