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Believe in the wisdom of teeth this year as fantasy collides with reality in the hilarious Tooth Fairy 2, available on DVD on 12 March, 2012, courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

When dreamer Larry Guthrie (Larry The Cable Guy — Cars, Cars 2) loses his first love to the town hot shot, he decides to tug at her heart strings and win her back by volunteering to help the local kids at her after-school club. However, when Larry accidentally tells the kids that the Tooth Fairy isn’t real he is soon transformed into a pink-winged fairy and sentenced to do the job of the Tooth Fairy until he has learned his lesson!

The perfect family film this spring, Tooth Fairy 2 is jam-packed with dental dichotomies and hilarious extra features, including an unforgettable introduction to your all-new Tooth Fairy in Larry The Hairy Fairy. What’s more, Tooth Fairy 2 is also available as part of a special double-pack that also includes the Dwayne Johnson-starring original Tooth Fairy.

Special Features
• Why Do I Lose My Baby Teeth?
• Return To Fairyland – Making Tooth Fairy 2
• Larry The Hairy Fairy
• Tooth Fairy 2 Introduces – Crusher the Pig
• Deleted and Alternate Takes

36 Replies

  1. KenpoRokon Reply

    First is Black Adam
    And Now Tow Mater Become the next Tooth Fairy?

  2. Fishing With Leinad Reply

    You took it from rich, popular, and muscular to scary, ugly, fat, and redneck. Looks terrible, and that's bad considering how much I love all the blue collar guys.

  3. 231johnjohnson Reply

    Larry makes the worst movies.There is nothing intelligent about his jokes, he just plays plain stupid and people who like fat jokes watch him.Sadly there are a lot of people like that.

  4. TheTrashMan Reply

    yeah i wish he could make gud movies like larry the cabl guy health inspectir again lol

  5. vilenecro Reply

    Hi. I just have one thing to say. *clears throat* FUCK YOU LARRY THE CABLE GUY!

  6. TylerFGSH Reply

    And the original was a disgrace in general.

  7. Nathan Moorhouse Reply

    Jaybob led me here as I thought it was the horror film the toothfairy 2 :/

  8. bcoz7264 Reply

    Not at all. It's just that usually you see a movie release itself in theaters before it's released on DVD. If it isn't then that's a good sign that this movie isn't really worth watching.

  9. Wade Roberts Reply

    This is a disgrace to the original Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson classic film.

  10. Wade Roberts Reply

    Why do you ask? Are you disappointed that you never got to see it on the big screen?

  11. bcoz7264 Reply

    On DVD? When was this movie in theaters?

  12. ultimate2018 Reply

    @PKMNthehedgehog I'm sorry, I'm just not into these kinda movies.

  13. ooze333 Reply

    I laugh so hard at the kid's face 22 seconds in! xD

  14. 747Dusty Reply

    Larry the cable guy is my favorate GIT-R-DONE

  15. xXGAMING101Xx Reply

    the 1 deservs the win. this one was a total fail. gay movie.

  16. andig4 Reply

    @Saxoul Read the comment above mine…. How sad must his life be?

  17. OddShock824 Reply

    Are they serious ?? This is like the worst fucking thing. Do they really believe that someone is gotta watch this joker ? or this weak production ?

  18. Ivan Nankov Reply

    the only good thing about the first movie was that it had the rock playing in it and this one simply sucks !