Tooth Fairy

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Official selection of Los Angeles Int’l Children’s Film Festival 2010, Cleveland Int’l Film Festival 2010, San Francisco Int’l Children’s Film Festival 2010, Chicago Int’l Reel Shorts Festival 2009, New Orleans Int’l Children’s Film Festival 2010, Tacoma Film Festival 2009, Dark Carnival Horror Festival 2009, Independents’ Film Festival 2009, Utopia Film Festival 2009, Big Water Film Festival 2009.

In the heart of suburbia, a little boy sets a trap for the Tooth Fairy and discovers that even innocence has a dark side…

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  1. Robloxgirl 9 Reply

    How dare him don’t you dare kill the tooth fairy

  2. bianka Mendoza Reply

    This. Is. Dumb. He. Has. A. Big. Head. In. His. Nose.

  3. azael nunez Reply

    that kid is so dumb to have that tooth fairy he can"t have that money

  4. Phi Hùng Nguyen Reply

    Hey don't do that is the tooth fairy he hurt the tooth fairy he so mean

  5. Bev Edwards Reply

    W T F !!!!!!
    how many teeth did he start with 1 2 3 4 6 may by they all fell out!!!!!!!!!! how quick was they to fall out ??????????

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