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  1. Willie Boyd Reply

    I don't need morning coffee. I have Ted Nugent.

  2. Robert Eldridge Reply

    This is an old Amboy Dukes tune …but even better…Derek St. Holmes is extra good here

  3. Ace Alexander Reply

    Did he say black man is running in Africa? Oooy Vey Goyim shut it down!

  4. Willie Boyd Reply

    2:54 to 3:10 is about the most energizing moment I've ever heard in rock and roll (right before Ted's solo)

  5. Brian Hall Reply

    Ive been at Ted on Twitter each morning asking this to come back into the live song set. Hopefully – 2017

  6. Mary Julkowski Reply

    I'm listening, Fred Bear comes to front of my mind, then You said His Name in a lyric. Awesome.

  7. Donald Moffatt Reply

    Those who do not live "Tooth Fang and Claw" walk around wondering what the hell is missing in their lives.

  8. ThinkPadGuy Reply

    this song and Fred Bear are absolutely the best songs on that album. This might be my favorite

  9. Ruckus Dean Reply

    Uncle Ted for President! seriously 2016! run run run! No more bullshit Politicians! Ted's gonna hunt them all!

  10. aktmjcor Reply

    Love me some old Ted. Tooth Fang and Claw along with Call of the Wild…..man my favorite beats still to this day. Im 48 and been rockin Ted since I heard Great White Buffalo when I was 14. Yeah Man!!!

  11. muvitup1 Reply

    Nuthin better than this..they all wish they could sound this good!

  12. stonedimaculate1983 Reply

    arent we all proud to know that ted is all of our uncle? may the spirit of the wild allways run strong and free!

  13. Keith Bunner Reply

    We need more songs off this album. This is an awesome album to have and to listen too. Keep Up the AWESOME work Ted! Songs like Primitive Man, Spirit of the Wild, Wrong Side of Town & I Shoot Back. I Live with a Tooth, Fang & Claw!