Josh’s Quad:

In this Vlog Alex and Stefan take a hike, Jeremy flies cross country and Josh crop dusts quad parts!

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44 Replies

  1. DoDo Csdvnh Reply

    its funnny how alex has a FT merch but with an adidas logo (5:25)

  2. Will EDC Reply

    Challenge: would it be possible to have multiple WiFi extenders, all on “WiFi roaming” which means same WiFi name and then fly a tello in a straight shot with an extender every 30m to see if you can get an ultimate range test.
    Maybe someone can answer me theoretically if this is possible.
    Have multiple phones with the Tello app installed. Fly until you lose the signal and you have the next person pick up the Tello before it drifts away and have a relay and see how far you can go in an one way trip.

  3. Caithe Raith Reply

    Stefan is so “much”: borderline “a trip”. He seems to have gotten better about it as of late-2018/early-2019.

  4. BulltacTV Reply

    Did anyone else see the short haired chick give stefan that straight Huungry look at 4:05 lol

  5. Sk8 Force Reply

    Hello, Josh Quad Parts Cropduster Bixler.

  6. DiscGolfer93 Reply

    Cigarrette rolling paper makes one hell of a mini scale paper airplane.

  7. James Yang Reply

    Thought I clicked on a Casey vlog for a second

  8. mick sharp Reply

    Rubbish, you guys are 70yrs out of date with toothpick gliders, back in the late 1940s my dad use to make these and also match stick gliders for me to play with. ( War just over and very little money for toys.). UK.

  9. jimmy Jh Reply

    That's some funny stuff quad parts crop duster you guys don't have a division in Tucson do you?

  10. Dalton325 Reply

    I about busted a gut when he said, "Quadcopter Cropduster". I hope you guys didn't let that one drop. We need t-shirts or something. It would be great if he went to, say Flight Fest and random fans are walking up with those t-shirts.

  11. kingsalami696969 Reply

    Unsubscribing coz your editing sucks ass and your cameraman is Michael J Fox.

  12. luca 1480 Reply

    watch my first video please!!!!! tanks

  13. PaperFun Reply

    A make toothpick gliders, I have some tutorial video's 😉

  14. papackar Reply

    This would be great, except for the dizzying camera motion.

  15. The Reelist Reply

    freeze a house fly and glue it to that tooth pick, the fly will thaw out, wake up and fly acting as the engine!

  16. The_Human-Wither Reply

    Has anyone heard of/seen/made/used a simple, cheap, but amazing foam plate glider called the FPG-9?

  17. James Rodgers Reply

    Coool ' but I would love to see that P – 38 that's hangin on the wall FLY !!!?? jimmiesteve47