Having been demonstrated in mice,* bioengineered tooth regeneration is becoming available to humans.* A combination of stem cells, scaffold material and signalling molecules can be used to regrow a fully functional, living tooth in around two months – complete with roots, inner pulp and outer enamel. Until now, dental implant therapies had required pre-existing, high quality bone structures to support the artificial implants. Full reconstruction of natural, healthy teeth in patients without adequate bone support is therefore now possible.

Another technique to emerge this year is Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralisation (EAER). This allows a decayed tooth to effectively repair and heal itself without the need for drills, needles or fillings. This breakthrough procedure uses electrical stimulation to help teeth “remineralise” by pushing minerals like calcium and phosphate back into the tooth to repair the damaged site.*

Further into the future, dentures and fillings gradually become obsolete as a result of these and other new treatments, improving the health and well-being of millions of people.

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  1. Becoming Unlost Reply

    Damn I wish I had a dentist that used these technologies…

  2. SA S Reply

    All talk no action false hope and where would we get the money for this

  3. Markas Rowman Reply

    Still waiting for adult stem cell 4 my 10-15 percent remaining tooth. Hopefully they can do that in 15-20 years. HUGE kudos 2 all those researchers around the world n have NOT much hear from US ONLY doing 4 fast bucks, but Japan n England are actively doing humanity good thing as WE eat 2 live n live 2 eat having own teeth, NOT sticking dam metal or other artificial material drilled into my gum upsetting OVERALL balance of my heath which I treasure while I am still alive. Sadly, I have NOT read about German researchers either, may they are LIKE US do researchers ONLY if make quick bucks Germans are equally greedy as US, may be.

  4. ACXIAO666 Reply

    complete bullshit this will never be on offer to humans , feel sorry for those people who didnt take care of their teeth

  5. xXLittleReaperXx Reply

    Wait what if you got one pulled? Does it not work then ;-;…I got one pulled a while back an no one told me about the possibly if doing root canal with out a crown. Or nothing they basically told me even if I got a filling it could come out eventually an I had to get it I'm missing one an I regret is tremendously… I'm only 20 an I don't wanna get a fake one an I don't wanna have a gap here. 😭😭😭

  6. Light Being Aid Reply

    We have had this technology for a while now and we need it