Tooth Tunes – A Rockin’ Way to Brush

Brush your teeth and jam out to some great hit tunes at the same time with the new tooth tunes!

40 Replies

  1. The Poor Gamer Reply

    How to get me to brush my teeth: Put Metallica on it.

  2. Pro_Robot Reply

    I had one of these and it was amazing

  3. spooky Reply

    Ah fuck, I can’t believe I’ve done this

  4. Luna Reply

    help me god I am so lonely

  5. Nonetrix Reply

    I remember watching that as a kid……. so low quality

  6. Lil9yearold Reply

    Ahh fuck, I can't belive you've done this

  7. A soup can Reply

    Dolls in toothbrush form? Technology sure is amazing.

  8. kman 288111 Reply

    I can't believe i've seen you do this !!!

  9. Hornswabber Reply

    We've already heard this song before. Give us something new!

  10. Nina Garcia Reply

    I thought this was an ad till the song came on…

  11. Cassidy Reply

    WAIT TILL YOU SEE MY DICK true poetry

  12. Jessie Braud Reply

    Going through the playlist. For a sec I thought I was getting an ad. What am I doing with my life?

  13. Fletcher Reply

    I used to have one of these… oh the memories

  14. 1bigcannon Reply

    if her age is on the clock she is ready for the cock