Top 10 Funniest KIDS HIGH At The Dentist! (Funny Wisdom Teeth Removal Reactions)

Top 10 Funniest Kid’s Wisdom Teeth Removal Reactions! These are some funny kids after they went to the dentist and got some teeth removed and were put on laughing gas or put under. They wake up loopy and say some crazy weird stuff!
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10. Boy After Pulling Wisdom Teeth:
9. David After Dentist Viral Video:
8. Brother And Sister After Surgery:
7. Laughing Gas:
6. Daughter Leaving Dentist High:
5. Wisdom Teeth Aftermath:
4. Girl Thinks She’s A Vampire & Crying:
3. Dizzy After Anesthesia:
2. Teen Having Best Time Ever:
1. Hilarious Chick:

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37 Replies

  1. Another Strange Human Reply

    I once got surgry on my teeth and they gave me helium that was over 6 months ago and im still mad because I told them to not give it to me but they still did Arggh those a-holes!

  2. ULTROVER Reply

    2:19 That is what mr good man would do to you if u not make u house payment

  3. Jaylynn Knuth Reply

    " Dad, you're going at the speed of light."… She really does look like Shane though

  4. Cambria Ogle Reply


  5. Jabbar S Reply

    LiL man is the most youngest lil white gansta I've ever seen

  6. Llama_MSP Reply

    That last one though! XD I'm actually dying!😂

  7. Demonic Zombie Reply

    When I used to get laughing gas they put pig noses and elephant noses on me

  8. Rocco Wake Reply

    Just saying I don't now this kid but I did do the rest nah jk lol (IM ASKING FOR LIKES)

  9. Life Reply

    Why does the girl in the red nose piece look like my cusion😕

  10. Cameron Beauchamp Reply

    When I die laughing gas like the clown nose I didn’t freak out cuss or forgot where I was