Traci-regard | Critical Role C2E34

I hope you all enjoy this weeks highlight!

Song: Little Einsteins Instrumental

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  1. SammietheAverageGirl Reply

    As an IRL disaster lesbian, I have my own version of a Traci, and this bit was equal parts hilarious and painfully relatable

  2. Al inae Reply

    I thought we all agreed that it was Traci with an I

  3. MarkD1159 Reply

    I wonder if it's weird for your wife to flirt with you during a D&D game…

  4. Hot Milk Reply

    game getting tough

    Marisha: time to do what I do best
    Flirt with my nerd to get what we need

  5. Conflo Ashton Reply

    I seriously expected Beau to mention something about her girlfriend that she's staying with and see the heart of the guard shatter to a thousand pieces.

  6. Mitchell Hanna Reply

    My favourite thing about this scene is watching Marisha dig herself into a hole and Beau desperately crawling her way out

  7. Josh Mann Reply

    press f to pay respects to this man, this feels too real

  8. tfly999 Reply

    Here's my thought: when Beau is called away for extended period of training with the Cobalt Soul, Marisha can play a character from Beau's past who Tracy was definitely based on. As to what that character's class, or classes, might be? I'd say Bard, College of Glamour, with just a hint of Rogue. If leveled up enough in Rogue, go the Inquisitive.

    A fun, flirty, seemingly vainglorious young woman who graduated with honors and is traveling the world to find herself, kinda bitchy and shallow, but room to grow. Wait. Pretty sure that's how Tary's arc went too. Huh!

  9. FinalFirebrand Reply

    Critical Role is everything amazing about playing D&D with your best friends…not least of all demonstrated by clips like this, oh my god.

  10. kiiper13 Reply

    It is now canon that beau is a method actor

  11. ChinChinKuri Reply

    Love watching your videos. Your editing is comedic timing gold. Keep it up! ~

  12. Niall Harkin Reply

    I honestly cant wait till they go back there and have that awkward meet

  13. Jerica Locke Reply

    when the DM is married to the player flirting with them….

  14. Martin Houlden Reply

    Matt is thinking ' please no one make me stand up from the table'

  15. VoiceOfMan Reply

    Matt after all that: "So, what are you doing…?"

  16. caramel coffee Reply

    i fucking love the relationship between beau and fjord so much. their dialogue is always A++++ i love that Marisha and Trav are sitting next to each other this campaign

  17. Noah Phillips Reply

    Is it just me or is Marisha’s highlight like POPPIN