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  1. AuPlau Se Reply

    What is this test that the people are doing?

  2. PhoeniksoftheStorm Reply

    Whenever i hear on of those "X out of Y Z´s approve/recommend" i want to hear from the person who don´t recommend and see why that is. For example 9 out of 10 dentist recommend this toothpaste, sure but i want to know why that 10th dentist don´t recommend it

  3. YSwap Reply

    Call me 4 out of 5 dentists because I agree!

  4. Ray Baxter Reply

    Lol came here after the friends episode

  5. Christian Romano Reply

    I don't understand why the advertisers thought that through, a weasel statement like, "4 out of 5 dentists prefer trident gum" would be convincing to viewers. Assume this statement is true, the implication would imply that 80% of dentists prefer trident. seems promising right, but that claim does not actually make the statement true. For all we know, only five dentists were surveyed. In other words, the sample being used my not be big enough to provide any actual credibility to the benefits of the gum itself.

  6. Xenomorphkid 206 Reply

    and to this day he's still screaming and the squirrel is still biting his dick XD

  7. n cnsnnts Reply

    Nothing gets me in the mood to brush my teeth like genital mutilation

  8. Margaret Ackah Reply

    we watched this in class and some kid starting laughing, saying 'He wanted the nuts!'

  9. Amer Zidane Reply

    Rachel : Guess what?
    Chandler : Let's see, the fifth dentist caved, and they all now recommend Trident?"

  10. claytonharrison3 Reply

    I take the commercial as , if you deny trident! you will lose your balls!

  11. TheKYRw Reply

    Why does the 5th dentist remind me of shaggy

  12. JollyGamer Reply

    I hate this commercial with a passion. Let's say the fifth doctor was a female, and they did the same thing, you know how controversial it would be? Call me sexist, but in all honesty, I think THAT'S sexist.

  13. River Reply

    That sound effect was actually disgusting

  14. Guy_With_A_Stick Reply

    "4/5 dentists recommend Trident. The 5th one's out killing lions"

    I am so sorry, it had to be done.

  15. Monee Love Reply

    0:13 & 0:14 that's my old elementary teacher/assist. principal Mr. Johnson!!!!!!!

  16. NightStriderXP Reply

    Best Commercial Ever, it's tied with Little Babies Ice cream

  17. BlueBerry Reply

    so if u don't eat trident u'll be bit in the xxx. omg! who is designing these ads? 

  18. firstname iskowitz Reply

    0:22 or 0:23
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