Understanding Tooth Wear

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6 Replies

  1. David Aldrich Reply

    Nice video my teeth are worn because I chew on things but I brush well and I have no cavity's but when I chew there's a sharp pain is that tooth ware?

  2. Nesha Britwood Reply

    My teeth are wearing down and I have no money to get them fixed. It's depressing me so much. I just want my smile back. Sucks when you're over 21 and no dentists will help you. My best bet is to do Care Credit or take out a loan. I shouldn't have to live with messed up teeth being so young.

  3. Pygmy Puff Reply

    What if your dentist only tells you to wear a nightguard? I'm getting worried that my top teeth are going to be so worn down that I won't be able to eat! I am wearing a night guard though.

  4. Swirl Cookie Reply

    Can teeth wear be caused by a deep bite/over bite?

  5. Swirl Cookie Reply

    I'm 12 years old, my canine teeth are starting to wear down, is it normal?