VeggieTales: Happy Tooth Day – Silly Song

Larry’s so sad for his lonely little tooth in the middle of his mouth. How does he fix this dental dilemma? Why, it’s a Happy Tooth Day celebration in this all new silly song from VeggieTales: The Little House That Stood.

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28 Replies

  1. StuffMart2000 Reply

    VeggieTales: The End of Silliness?: More Really Silly Songs!

  2. StuffMart2000 Reply

    VeggieTales: Silly Sing-Along 2: The End of Silliness?

  3. StuffMart2000 Reply

    Bob the Tomato: Hey, Larry, Can I Borrow Some… (Screams)

  4. MysticRider 101 Reply

    The funny thing is, js that this "Tooth day" is my birthday. I AM ZE TOOTH!!


    Who thinks Larry singing with his artificial teeth sounded awesome!

  6. OneOptionChoices Reply

    A cucumber bobbing for apples… I guess fruitails dont have feelings.

  7. Corbin Carter Reply

    Larry just have a top tooth. Is it crazy that Larry doesn't have any bottom teeth.

  8. Jessie Walker Reply

    I Don't Like The New Veggietales In The House. XD

  9. Lena Bruening Reply

    I was so shook when they threw the instruments aaaaaahhh they probably dented them

  10. Gia Stone Reply

    So, I showed my mom this, couldn't stop snickering at watching her, mesmerized by Veggietales, wishing I had a camera.

  11. sarah lockette Reply

    the plastic teeth looks even scarier on the french peas!

  12. KC Views Reply

    Veggie tales in the house with never be able to top the original Veggie Tales

  13. BigBadSeed Reply

    It's funny. Larry' supposed to look silly because he only has one tooth. But then you remember that the other characters (with the exception of Mr. Lunt) don't have any teeth.