Visiting the Dentist!

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Jessi just got back from the dentist, and her teeth are squeaky clean! Join her to learn about all the ways the dentist helps you keep your teeth clean and healthy!

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What Tools Does a Dental Hygienist Use?

Gadgets and Gizmos: Dental Hygienist Tools

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  1. Paige Wickstrom Reply

    What is smoking and how did I start growing in my mom I want you to do this on sci show kids hi squeaks

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    Lots of peoples are looking at the sement truck

  3. Soka Dharma Reply

    You missed one getting out a teeth and eating ice cream seriously the dentist made me have to eat ice cream🍦

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  5. Mel-vinna Moseley Reply

    Have you done your research to see if that bubblegum toothpaste has fluoride in it and what does fluoride do to the teeth?

  6. Sercan Ergul Reply

    Hey Jessi I Just Tell You Something What That You Never Talking About How To Blowing Bubbles Bubblegum Balloon 🎈 and Beachball Before Remember 🤔

  7. Alin Reply

    Why does the Earth spin?

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    I love your videos, keep it up guurrl🙌🏽😍

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    I haven't been to a dentist in a long time

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    Jesse can you and sqeeks pleas do video called can Cats and dog get marieed

  11. Crystal Gem Youtube Reply

    Hey Jesse! I'm going to the dentist tomorrow, anf this makes me feel more calm! Thx

  12. Travis Goodman Reply

    Do an episode where Jesse wears the colorful princess dress that she has been wearing in two episodes and a blue and red cape with blue on the outside and red on the outside as she explains how coats keep you warm.

  13. Terry Tsai Reply

    What a wonderful YouTube channel, great resource to help answer some of my kid's questions.

  14. Sercan Ergul Reply

    Hmm 🤔 Should Be Miss Something What That Blowing Bubbles Balloon 🎈 Beachball and Bubblegum Remember